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City of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Friday January 17, 2014


Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by the Council of the City of San Diego on January 28, 2014 at the hour of 2:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the City Administration Building, 202 C Street, 12th floor, San Diego, California, to consider the adoption of O-2014-77 an Ordinance of the Council of the City of San Diego Approving the Forms of and Authorizing the Execution and Delivery of one or more amendments to Site Lease, amendments to Facilities Lease and official notice inviting bids; Authorizing the execution, delivery and performance of one or more Supplemental Indentures by the Public Facilities Financing Authority of the City of San Diego; Authorizing the City Attorney to appoint Bond Counsel and Disclosure Counsel; Approving and authorizing the Issuance and Sale in one or more series of the Authority's Lease Revenue Bonds; and Approving other documents and actions in connection therewith.

This item may begin at any time after the time specified. Any interested person may address the City Council to express support or opposition to this issue. Time allotted to each speaker is determined by the Chair and, in general, is limited to three (3) minutes; moreover, collective testimony by those in support or opposition shall be limited to no more than fifteen (15) minutes total per side.

Those unable to attend the hearing may write a letter to the Mayor and City Council, Attention: City Clerk, City Administration Building, 202 "C" Street, San Diego, CA 92101 3862, Mail Station 2A; or you can reach us by E-mail at: or FAX: (619) 533-4045. All communications will be forwarded to the Mayor and Council.

If you wish to challenge the Council's actions on the above proceedings in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence to the City Council at or prior to the public hearing. All correspondence should be delivered to the City Clerk (at the above address) to be included in the record of the proceedings.

This material is available in alternative formats upon request. To order information in an alternative format, or to arrange for a sign language or oral interpreter for the meeting, please call the Clerk's office at least five working days prior to the meeting at (619) 533-4000 (voice) or (619) 236-7012 (TT).
Pub Jan 17 -00117444

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the City of San Diego will receive bids for services. Bid packages can be requested by contacting Ron Aniel, at Bid packages can also be requested by contacting Ron Aniel at (415) 617-3830.
--- Furnish the City of San Diego with, Life and AD&D Coverage for Employees of the City of San Diego for a minimum of three (3) years or a maximum of
five (5) years.
RFP No. 10044794-14-V
. RFP Closing Date: February 7, 2014 @ 4:00 p.m.
Greg Bych
Risk Management Director
Pub Jan 17 -00117433

City of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Friday January 17, 2014

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