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PUBLISHED: Tuesday November 11, 2008

The City of Del Mar, OWNER, invites sealed bids for:


Sealed proposals will be received at the office of the City Clerk, City of Del Mar, located at 1050 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, California, 92014, until 2:30 p.m. on November 25, 2008 at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud at said office. Proposals must be submitted with the entire Contract Documents. Proposals not submitted according to the Information and Instructions for Bidders will not be considered.
The WORK to be done consists of asphalt concrete pavement repairs and replacement, root removals, concrete sidewalk, concrete curb & gutter, storm drain lining and replacement, water valve replacements, water pipe replacements, and water service replacements and relocations.
SITE OF WORK: The site of the WORK is at various locations in the City of Del Mar, California.
OPINION OF PROBABLE CONSTRUCTION COST: The Engineer's opinion of probable construc¬tion cost for this project is approximately $345,000.
COMPLETION OF WORK: All WORK must be completed within 60 working days after the commencement date stated in the Notice to Proceed.
OBTAINING CONTRACT DOCUMENTS: Contract document booklets, contain¬ing proposal forms, agreement, specifications, and reduced drawings, may be obtained from Scantech, Inc. located at 7283-H Engineer Road, San Diego, CA 92111 at (858) 495-0727 for the non-refundable cost of printing or from the City's website @ Choose “Open Projects” and you will be directed to Ebidboard where the contract documents may be downloaded free of charge.
BID SECURITY: Bid Security shall accompany the bid in the form of a certified or cashier's check, or a Bid Bond made payable to the OWNER in the amount of ten percent of the total bid amount.
PERFORMANCE AND PAYMENT BONDS: The successful bidder will be required to furnish a Payment Bond made payable to the OWNER in the amount of one hundred percent, and a Performance Bond made payable to the OWNER in the amount of one hundred percent of the contract amount.
WAGE RATES: The general prevailing wage rates in the county in which the work is to be done are set forth in the General Prevailing Wage Rates for this project, available at City of Del Mar address and available from the California Department of Industrial Relations' Internet web site at The Federal minimum wage rates for this project are set forth in the books issued for bidding purposes entitled "Proposal and Contract," and in copies of this book that may be examined at the offices described above where project plans, special provisions, and proposal forms may be seen. Addenda to modify the Federal minimum wage rates, if necessary, will be issued to holders of "Proposal and Contract" books. Future effective general prevailing wage rates which have been predetermined and are on file with the California Department of Industrial Relations are referenced but not printed in the general prevailing wage rates.
If there is a difference between the Federal minimum wage rates and the general prevailing wage rates for similar classifications of labor, the Contractor and subcontractors shall pay not less than the higher wage rate. The Department will not accept lower State wage rates not specifically included in the Federal minimum wage determinations. This includes "helper" (or other classifications based on hours of experience) or any other classification not appearing in the Federal wage determinations. Where Federal wage determinations do not contain the State wage rate determination otherwise available for use by the Contractor and subcontractors, the Contractor and subcontractors shall pay not less than the Federal minimum wage rate which most closely approximates the duties of the employees in question.
CONTRACTOR'S LICENSING LAWS: A General Engineering Contractor, license classification A, current and valid in the State of California is required for this project.
WITHDRAWAL: Withdrawal of bids shall not be permitted for a period of seventy-five (75) days after the date set for the opening thereof.
RETAINAGE FROM PAYMENTS: Monies withheld by the OWNER to ensure performance under the contract may be released in accordance with Government Code Section 4590 and these contract documents.
PROJECT ADMINISTRATION: All questions relative to this project prior to the opening of bids shall be directed IN WRITING to the ENGINEER for the project listed below. It shall be understood, however that no "or approved equivalent" products will be considered for approval prior to the bid opening.
Rick St. John, P.E.
9275 Sky Park Court, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92123
OWNER'S RIGHTS RESERVED: The OWNER reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive any informality or irregularities in a bid, and to make awards in the interest of the OWNER.
Pub. Nov 4, 11-00049058

IFB 09014

Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received by the North County Transit District (“NCTD”) at the NCTD offices, 810 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92054, up to 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 25, 2008 for the Asphalt Drainage Swale And Pavement Repair Project.
Project Description: This work includes demolition of existing asphalt and drains and replacing them with a new asphalt swale and repairing two adjacent areas damaged during the construction of the Nordahl Station Parking Lot located in San Marcos, CA.
NOTE: The above descriptions are for general information. The IFB provides a complete and detailed description of the project scope.
Contractor’s License: The successful bidder shall possess, at the time the contract for the Project is awarded, the California Contractor’s License Classification A, B or C12. Pursuant to California Public Contract Code section 20103.5, no bid submitted shall be invalidated by NCTD for failure of the bidder to be licensed in accordance with the laws of this state at the time of bid submittal. Failure of the successful bidder to obtain proper and adequate licensing for award of the contract for the Project shall constitute a failure to execute the contract, and shall result in the forfeiture of its Bid Security, as required herein.
Engineers Estimate/Estimated Value of Work:
The engineers estimate for this work is $15,000.
Contract Documents: Contract Documents, Technical Specifications and Contract Drawings are available by calling 760-967-2826, faxing your request to (760) 722-8087 or by e-mailing your request to Please include your full company contact information in your e-mail or fax message.
The documents will be provided in pdf format via e-mail or mailed on CD.
For individuals with sensory disabilities, this document is available in alternate formats. For information regarding alternate formats, call or e-mail the contact listed above or write Contracts & Procurement Department, 810 Mission Ave., Oceanside, CA 92054.
Pre-Bid Conference: Bidders are strongly encouraged to attend the Pre-bid Conference/Site Visit held at 10:30 a.m., Thursday, November 13, 2008 at the parking lot of Dr. Bronner’s located at 2751 Auto Park Way, Escondido, CA 92029.
Bid Opening Process: Bids are required for the entire work described in the specifications. The bids will be opened and bid prices will be read aloud at the time and place listed above unless amended by addendum. The bids will be evaluated and a report will be made to the NCTD Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting following the final evaluation of the bids.
Basis for Award of Contract: The basis for award of a contract will be the lowest priced responsive and responsible bidder complying with the Contract Documents, Technical Specifications and Contract Drawings, as determined from the Bid Price Form of the IFB.
Compliance with Labor Code Requirements/Prevailing Wages:
It has been determined that the work herein described falls into the category of public works construction projects for Federal and State requirements. The successful bidder will be required to comply with all of the terms and conditions (including Federal and State General Prevailing Wage requirements) prescribed for contractors performing public works construction projects. The latest General Prevailing Wage determinations for crafts associated with public works construction projects shall apply. In all instances where Federal and State Prevailing Wages for a given craft differ, the higher Prevailing Wage shall be paid. It shall be mandatory upon the successful bidder and all subcontractors to pay not less than the said specified rates to all workers employed by them in the performance of this contract. Copies of the Prevailing Wage Rates are on file at the NCTD Contracts Department located at 810 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA and are available upon request. Requests must specifically state which prevailing wage rates are required.
It shall also be mandatory upon the successful bidder and all subcontractors to comply with all other California Labor Code or Federal requirements, which include, but are not limited to, the employment of apprentices, hours of labor, retention of payroll records and debarment of contractors and subcontractors, to the extent applicable.
The successful bidder will be required to comply with all applicable Equal Employment Opportunity Laws and Regulations.
Bonds: The successful bidder will be required to furnish NCTD with Performance and Payment (Labor and Material) Bonds in an amount equal to 100% of the successful bid prior to execution of the contract for the Project. All bonds are to be secured from a surety company that meets all of the State of California Bonding requirements, as defined in California Code of Civil Procedure section 995.120, and is authorized by the State of California, and all documents required by California Code of Civil Procedure section 995.660, to the extent required by law.
Pub. Nov 4, 11-00049107

PUBLISHED: Tuesday November 11, 2008

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