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Miscellaneous Notices
PUBLISHED: Monday February 25, 2013

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the GOVERNING BOARD of the SAN YSIDRO SCHOOL DISTRICT, at its regularly scheduled meeting to be held on February 28, 2013, will conduct a public hearing, and receive public testimony on the following:

During the construction of the San Ysidro School District's Vista Del Mar Project, the District constructed certain public street and road improvements on District Property for City street purposes, as needed to serve the Project as an extension and improvements to Del Sol Boulevard. This work was performed pursuant to a Reimbursement Agreement with the City of San Diego. Under the Reimbursement Agreement, upon completion of the street and improvements, the underlying property and the street/improvements are to be dedicated and conveyed to the City of San Diego. Accordingly, the purpose of Resolution No. 12/13-3113 is to begin the process of complying with the requirements of the Education Code for the dedication and conveyance of the real property and street improvements to the Del Sol Boulevard extension to the City of San Diego.

All individuals wishing to participate in this public hearing are invited to attend the meeting of the Governing Board at the following time and location:

DATE: February 28, 2013
TIME: 5:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Willow Elementary School
226 Willow Road
San Ysidro, CA 92173
Pub. Feb 22, 25-00107974

Miscellaneous Notices
PUBLISHED: Monday February 25, 2013

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