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Miscellaneous Notices
PUBLISHED: Friday February 28, 2014


The Santee School District (District) is located in East San Diego County, California, and serves the community of Santee. The District owns an undeveloped school site (Site) within the City of Santee (City), commonly known as the Renzulli site. The Site is approximately 11.39 acres and is bordered on the south side by Prospect Avenue. A map showing the location of the Site may be obtained from the District. The Site is currently zoned as Park/Open Space and the District has discussed zoning of the Property with the City of Santee and the City has indicated its willingness to re-zone a portion of the Property to R-7.

On February 4, 2014, the Board of Education of the District took action by adopting a resolution of intention to sell the site as surplus property pursuant to the applicable provisions of the California Education Code. Prior to adoption of the Resolution, the Board received a recommendation from a duly formed District Advisory Committee that the Site be declared surplus and sold for residential purposes, if not acquired by a public agency for park and recreational purposes.

If you are interested in submitting an offer to purchase the Site, you have until April 29, 2014 to submit a written offer to purchase the entire Site, which is sixty (60) days from the third publication of this notice (February 28, 2014). The District and any governmental agency, non-profit charitable corporation or non-profit public benefit corporation submitting an offer would then negotiate on a mutually agreeable purchase price. The District has set the minimum purchase price for the Site at Three Million Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($3,200,000). Any offer to purchase the Property must be an “ALL CASH” offer. In the event any agency provides notice of its intent to purchase the Property, the District and the Agency shall engage in good faith negotiations on a mutually satisfactory price. If no agreement can be reached with any governmental agency or non-profit submitting an offer, or if no interest is received by public agencies or non-profits, the District is free to otherwise dispose of the Site. If more than one governmental agency or non-profit submits an offer to purchase the Site, the District may select which offer to pursue.

Written offers should be submitted to Karl Christensen, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services, Santee School District, 9625 Cuyamaca Street, Santee, California, 92071. Additional information regarding the Site may be obtained from Mr. Christensen at (619) 258-2321.
Pub. Feb 14, 21, 28-00118155

Miscellaneous Notices
PUBLISHED: Friday February 28, 2014

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