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City of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Wednesday February 08, 2012


Date of Notice:  2/8/2012
Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration
WBS# S-00871.02.06
The City of San Diego Entitlements Division has prepared a draft Mitigated Negative Declaration for the following project and is inviting your comments regarding the adequacy of the document.  The draft MND has been placed on the City of San Diego web-site at:

Your comments must be received by 3/10/12 to be included in the final document considered by the decision-making authorities.  Please send your written comments to the following address:  Jeffrey Szymanski, Environmental Planner, City of San Diego Development Services Center, 1222 First Avenue, MS 501, San Diego, CA 92101 or e-mail your comments to with the Project Number in the subject line.

General Project Information: 
Project No. 203403, Community Plans Mission Bay Park and Peninsula Council Districts: 6 and 2

SUB JECT: West Mission Bay Drive Bridge SITE DEVELOPMENT PERMIT (SDP) to allow for the  replacement of  West Mission Bay Drive Bridge. The existing four lane bridge would be replaced with two new parallel bridge structures each containing three lanes. The overall construction timeline is expected to be 2 years. The new bridge structures would be supported by concrete pier pilings, and the supporting structure for the new bridge would consist of 32 concrete pier piles, each with an 8-foot diameter. The pier piles would be made up of eight “bents” (pier-pile groupings), with four pier piles per bent. The overall bridge replacement effort would include a construction area of approximately 131 feet in width on both sides of the existing bridge, as measured from the existing edge of the deck. The length of the bridge construction would be approximately 1,296 feet.

The project would include improvements at the north and south ends of the existing West Mission Bay Drive Bridge. The northbound right lane on West Mission Bay Drive would become a dedicated on-ramp for eastbound Sea World Drive. A 600-foot-long auxiliary lane in the southbound direction would also be included and is necessary to facilitate traffic transitioning onto eastbound Interstate 8 (I-8). Improvements to the westbound I-8 off-ramp onto West Mission Bay Drive would also be included. The proposed improvements include widening of the off-ramp, specifically, extending the existing four-lane configuration at the existing ramp termini east for approximately 1,200 feet. The widening is necessary based on projected increases in traffic volumes, the need for additional storage, and to facilitate intersection operations at the ramp termini point with West Mission Bay Drive. The existing water and sewer utilities that are suspended underneath the bridge would be replaced with new lines. Once in construction a phasing plan would be used to replace the existing with new lines without a disruption in service.

Additionally, a Class I bike path would be constructed on each bridge and the recreational trails located under the existing West Mission Bay Drive Bridge on either side of the San Diego River would remain open during and after construction.

In order to construct the new bridge within the San Diego River, three construction methodologies have been evaluated. These methodologies include a larger berm option, small berm option, and a trestle option. The large berm and small berm options are very similar, but differ in size and placement.  The actual methods of construction for the project would be determined by the contractor. The technical studies supporting the project analyzed all three methodologies. Mitigation measures for the project were prepared analyzing the worst case scenario resulting from the three methodologies.

  City of San Diego, Public Works-Engineering and Capital Projects Department, Right-of-Way Design Division,  600 B Street, Suite 800 (MS 908A) San Diego, CA 92101. Contact Carrie Purcell (619) 533-5124
Recommended Finding:  The recommended finding that the project will not have a significant effect on the environment is based on an Initial Study and project revisions/conditions which now mitigate potentially significant environmental impacts in the following area(s): Biological and Land Use (MHPA).
Availability in Alternative Format:  To request this Notice, the Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration, and/or supporting documents in alternative format, call the Development Services Department at 619-446-5349 or (800) 735-2929 (TEXT TELEPHONE).
Additional Information:  For environmental review information, contact Jeffrey Szymanski at (619) 446-5324.  The draft  Mitigated Negative Declaration, and supporting documents may be reviewed, or purchased for the cost of reproduction, at the Fifth floor of the Development Services Center.  For information regarding public meetings/hearings on this project, contact Project Manager Helene Deisher at (619) 446-5223.  This notice was published in the SAN DIEGO DAILY TRANSCRIPT, placed on the City of San Diego web-site (, and distributed on 2/8/2012.
Cecilia Gallardo, Deputy Director
Development Services Department
Pub. Feb. 8-00095713

City of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Wednesday February 08, 2012

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