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PUBLISHED: Thursday April 04, 2013

IFB 13056-OS

Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received by the North County Transit District (“NCTD”) at the NCTD offices, 810 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92054, and publically opened at 11:00 A.M. on Thursday April 25, 2013 for the Sidewalk Repair at 810 Mission Avenue. Immediately after bid opening a “Record of Bid Opening” listing all bids will be emailed to all plan holders.  The successful bidder shall possess, at the time the contract for the Project is awarded, the California Contractor’s License Classification A or C-8.  The IFB document is available at no charge only upon email request to  Include company contact information (name, address, phone, fax and email of the person responsible for receiving the IFB and any subsequent addenda) in the email request.  The document will be provided in pdf format by return email. For individuals with sensory disabilities, this document is available in alternate formats.  For information regarding alternate formats, call or e-mail the contact listed above or write Contracts & Procurement Department, 810 Mission Ave., Oceanside, CA 92054. The successful bidder will be required to comply with all of the terms and conditions prescribed for contractors performing public works construction projects.  The latest General Prevailing Wage determinations for crafts associated with public works construction projects shall apply.   It shall be mandatory upon the successful bidder and all subcontractors to pay not less than the said specified rates to all workers employed by them in the performance of this contract.  California State Prevailing Wages are available at  In addition to the required bid bond, the successful bidder will be required to furnish NCTD with Performance and Payment (Labor and Material) Bonds in an amount equal to 100% of the contract value prior to execution of the contract. 
Pub. Apr 4, 11-00109293

4002 Vista Way Oceanside, CA 92056 Telephone: (760) 940-7148


The Board of Tri-City Healthcare District (Tri-City) invites and will receive bids from qualified firms licensed in the classification of Class B for the following:

Reroof Installation

The project is located on roof of North Wing, Canopy and Center Complex at Tri-City Medical Center. As further specified in the contract documents, the work includes removal and replacement of approximately 21,000 sq.ft of roofing for the North Wing. Approximately 9,000 sq.ft for the Center Complex and approximately 1,100 sq.ft. for the North Wing Canopy. Bid packages are available starting April 3, 2013 at Tri-City Medical Center - Facilities Management Department located at the above address.

A pre-bid meeting and tour is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on April 16, 2013 at 4002 Vista Way, Oceanside, CA 92056. All questions relative to the work must be submitted via email to by 3:00 p.m. on April 26, 2013 at

All bids must be submitted in writing, sealed and filed in the Tri-City Facilities Management Department at the above address, by 3:00 p.m. on May 17, 2013 at which time they will be opened for consideration.

As applicable for the goods and services bid upon, pursuant to Labor Code section 1770 the successful bidder shall pay not less than the prevailing rate of per diem wages as determined by the California Department of Industrial Relations. A bid security bond, in an amount not less than 10% of the bid amount shall be submitted with each bid. The successful bidder shall be required to furnish a payment bond and a performance bond each in the amount of 100% of the contract price as a condition precedent to the contract. In accordance with the procedures stated in California Public Contract Code section 22300, the successful bidder may substitute securities for any monies withheld to ensure performance of the work.
Jim S. Burlew, MCP
Tri-City Healthcare District
Authorized Agent
Pub Mar 28, 29, Apr 4, 5 -00109021

PUBLISHED: Thursday April 04, 2013

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