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PUBLISHED: Wednesday May 15, 2013

The CAJON VALLEY UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT will receive sealed bids for:


at the office of the Purchasing Department, 225 Roanoke Road, El Cajon, California 92020, no later than May 30, 2013, two o'clock (2:00:00) p.m., at which time or thereafter said bids will be opened and read aloud. Time determined by internet: Bids received after this time will be returned unopened. Bids shall be valid for 90 calendar days after the bid opening date.

Contract documents are now on file and copies may be obtained online at; click on “Bids, RFQ, RFP”, “Construction”, “Bid #1382”. It is the Bidder's responsibility to ensure they have received all addendums. Addendums are posted on the same District website.

Bids must be accompanied by cash, a certified or cashier's check, or a Bid Bond in favor of the District in an amount not less than ten percent (10%) of the submitted Total Bid Price.

A Pre-Bid Conference will not be held for this project. Prospective bidders may contact John Forrest, Construction Projects Manager, (619) 588-3651, to make arrangements to visit the sites to become acquainted with the work sites for the projects.

Each bid shall be accompanied by the security referred to in the Contract Documents, the non-collusion declaration, the list of proposed subcontractors, and all additional documentation required by the bid documents.

The successful bidder will be required to furnish the District with a Performance Bond equal to 100% of the successful bid, and a Payment Bond equal to 100% of the successful bid, prior to execution of the Contract, regardless of the contract amount. All bonds are to be secured from a surety that meets all of the State of California bonding requirements, as defined in Code of Civil Procedure Section 995.120, and is admitted by the State of California with a rating of A++, A+, A, or no less than A-.

Pursuant to Public Contract Code Section 22300, the successful bidder may substitute certain securities for funds withheld by District to ensure his performance under the Contract.

The Director of Industrial Relations has determined the general prevailing rate of per diem wages in the locality in which this work is to be performed for each craft or type of worker needed to execute the Contract which will be awarded to the successful bidder, copies of which are on file and will be made available to any interested party upon request online at A copy of these rates shall be posted by the successful bidder at the job site. The successful bidder and all subcontractor(s) under him, shall comply with all applicable Labor Code provisions, which include, but are not limited to the payment of not less than the required prevailing rates to all workers employed by them in the execution of the Contract, the employment of apprentices, the hours of labor and the debarment of contractors and subcontractors.

Each bidder shall be a licensed contractor pursuant to the Business and Professions Code and shall be licensed in the following appropriate classification(s) of contractor's license(s), for the work bid upon, and must maintain the license(s) throughout the duration of the Contract: C-13, Fencing.

Pursuant to Public Contract Code Section 3400(b), if the District has made any findings designating certain materials, products, things, or services by specific brand or trade name, such findings and the materials, products, things, or services and their specific brand or trade names will be set forth in the Project Specifications.

Minority, women, and disabled veteran (DVBE) contractors are encouraged to submit bids and bidders are encouraged to make a good faith effort to contact and utilize DVBE subcontractors and suppliers, providing documentation with their bid.

Award of Contract: The District reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to waive any irregularities or informalities in any bids or in the bidding process.

For further information, contact John Forrest, Construction Projects Manager, at (619) 588-3651,, or Sharon Clay, Manager of Purchasing & Warehouse at (619) 588-3266,
Dated this 15th day of May, 2013.
Suzanne Mullins,
Clerk of the Governing Board
San Diego County, California
Publication: San Diego Daily Transcript
Publication Dates May 15, 2013 & May 22, 2013 -00110721


Gateway Lab Expansion Tenant Improvement
Family Health Centers of San Diego invites sealed bids from General Contractors for providing the labor and materials necessary for completion of a 2,718 sq.ft. tenant improvement to the existing Gateway Lab.

This tenant improvement is a part of a project that is funded by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 - Immediate Facility Improvement Fund. Total federal dollars for the entire project amount to $495,000.00, comprising one-hundred percent of the total estimated budget for the project.

Interested general contracting firms may request details and specifications via email to A hyperlink to these documents will be emailed after 5:00pm on Monday May 13, 2013 to interested General Contracting firms, via email to

A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held onsite at 823 Gateway Center Way; San Diego, CA 92102 on Tuesday May 21, 2013 at 2:00pm, to review the project. Each General Contractor shall RSVP their attendance via email to by Monday May 20, 2012 at 5:00pm. General Contractors not present will be ineligible for bid consideration. This is a mandatory meeting for General Contractors, however, Sub-Contractors are highly encouraged to attend.

Sealed bid packages shall be delivered to 823 Gateway Center Way; San Diego, CA 92102 no later than 1:00pm PDT on Friday June 07, 2013.
Pub May 13-17 -00110594

PURSUANT TO EDUCATION CODE SECTION 17469, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on May 7, 2013, the Board of Education of the Santee School District (“District”) authorized the publication and distribution of a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for networking equipment: Sale of Surplus CISCO Networking Equipment (“CISCO Equipment”) and Purchase of Hewlett Packard Procurve Equipment (“HP Equipment”) It is the intention of the District to sell surplus CISCO equipment and purchase HP equipment through an RFP process.

The terms outlined in the RFP must include, but are not limited to:
a. All proposals must be submitted on the Proposal Form included in this RFP. Written quote for the HP ProCurve equipment including sales tax and shipping must be included with the proposal form.
b. Proposals may be modified or withdrawn (prior to response deadline) by written notice or in person by the Respondent or its authorized representative, provided that person's identity is disclosed on the envelope containing the proposal and such
person signs a receipt for the proposal.
c. Request for interpretation on any aspect of the RFP must be made in writing, preferably via email, to Bernard Yeo ( No oral interpretation shall be made by any Respondent as to the meaning of the RFP. Any oral communication will be considered unofficial and non-binding on the District.
d. Proposal response to the RFP must be received at the Santee School District, 9625 Cuyamaca Street, Santee, CA 92071 by Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 4:00 p.m.
e. The selected vendor shall be responsible for all related costs associated with the shipping and/or pickup of the purchased equipment.
f. The pickup or shipping of all purchased equipment must be coordinated through
the District's Technology Department by calling Matt Marsman at 619-258-2253.
g. The selected vendor will be required to sign a hold harmless agreement prior to removing purchased equipment from District property.
h. The selected vendor must work with the District on the buying and purchasing schedule and also on credit extension to cover the cost difference of the Cisco and HP equipment during the buying/selling phases.
i. There are no warranties expressed or implied in regards to the equipment sold by the District to the vendor. All equipment is sold “as is” and all sales are final. All surplus CISCO networking equipment are in working condition.
j. The surplus CISCO equipment will be sold according to the schedule outlined in the RFP.
k. HP ProCurve equipment will be purchased according to the schedule outlined in the RFP.
l. HP ProCurve equipment can be “used.” The equipment must be in working
condition and not defective in any physical or logical manner.
The RFP may be obtained by navigating to the Technology Services Department on the District's website ( or by contacting the District at (619) 258-2246.
Submittal of the RFP must be delivered to the District by Thursday, May 23, 2013, no later than 4:00 p.m. addressed to the attention of Bernard Yeo,
Santee School District, 9625 Cuyamaca Street, Santee, CA 92071 and marked on the outside "Network Equipment RFP Response." Electronic submittals may be submitted via email with the subject line, “Network Equipment RFP Response” to: by Thursday, May 23, 2013, no later than 4:00 p.m, Submittals that are not received at the designated addresses on or before the
specified deadline will not be accepted, unless the delivery deadline is waived by the District, at its sole discretion.

After review of Submittals, the District, in its sole discretion, may invite one or more Respondents to participate in subsequent interrogatory processes or may choose to not proceed with the sale and purchase of the network equipment.
Pub. May 8, 15-00110505

San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC)
Request for Proposals (RFP)
SDHC is soliciting proposals from contractors to provide Shared Housing Arrangements for Older Adults and Homeless or Under-Housed Individuals. Interested and qualified firms, including disadvantaged and women owned small businesses, are invited to submit a proposal. The solicitation packet with complete instructions is available for download at If you do not have a user name or password for the Onvia DemandStar website, please register at and select the FREE AGENCY option.

Sealed proposals marked “Shared Housing for Older Adults (RFP #: SHI-13-10)” Bid Documents -- Do Not Open" must be received by Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 2:00PM (PST) at the following address:
San Diego Housing Commission
1122 Broadway, Suite 300
San Diego, California 92101
Contact: Anthony Griffin (619) 578-7517
Email questions to:
Pub May 15, 20 -00110691

PUBLISHED: Wednesday May 15, 2013

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