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Miscellaneous Notices
PUBLISHED: Thursday May 17, 2012

As a nearby property owner, tenant, or person who has requested notice, you should know that the City of San Diego Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider an application to approve, conditionally approve or deny an application by Catholic Charities to allow an extension of Conditional Use Permit No. 2004-37 allowing the continued operations of a Homeless Women's Day and Night Center at 759 Eighth Avenue and 798 Ninth Avenue in the East Village Neighborhood of the Downtown Community Plan Area.

DATE OF HEARING: Thursday, May 31, 2012
TIME OF HEARING: 9:00 a.m. (please note that this is the time that the Planning Commission meeting starts, but there is no fixed time for this specific hearing).

LOCATION: 202 'C' Street, City Administration Building
12thFloor, Council Chambers
San Diego, California 92101

PROJECT TITLE: Rachel's Women's Center
FILE #: CUP 2004-37 - Extension

PROJECT MANAGER: Lucy Contreras, CCDC, Senior Planner
MAILING ADDRESS: 401 B Street, Suite 400 San Diego, CA 92101
CONTACT: (619) 533-7132/


This Project is Categorically Exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) under State CEQA Guidelines Section 15301 (entitled “Existing Facilities”). The key consideration of a Class 1 Exemption is whether the project involves negligible or no expansion of an existing use. The Project consists of a proposal to amend an existing CUP to allow the continued operations of the use. No expansion of uses or facilities is proposed as part of the Project. Therefore, the Class 1 Exemption is applicable.

If you have any questions after reviewing this notice, please contact the Project Manager listed above. Copies of the application and development plans for the project are available for public review in the offices of CCDC located at 401 B Street, Suite 400, San Diego, CA 92101.

If you wish to challenge the City's action on the above proceeding in court, you may be limited to addressing only those issues you or someone else have raised at the public meetings described in this notice, or written correspondence to the Corporation at or before the public meetings.

This information will be made available in alternative formats upon request. To request an agenda in alternative format or to request a sign language or oral interpreter for the meeting, call the Disability Services Program Coordinator at 236-5679 at least five working days prior to the meeting to insure availability. Assistive Listening Devices (ALD's) are available for the meeting upon request.
Pub. May 17-00099106

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the FEDERAL DEPOSIT OF INSURANCE CORPORATION as Receiver of La Jolla Bank, FSB (“Secured Party”) will sell property pursuant to and in compliance with, California Commercial Code § 9611, by public auction at 743 El Cajon Boulevard, El Cajon, CA 92020 on Monday, June 4, 2012, at 10:00 AM. You are hereby notified of the existence of this sale.
The property to be sold are assets of Marchmont, LLC, a California limited liability company (“Debtor”) and includes:
Promissory Note from Victorville 244 Lots, LLC, a California limited liability company (“Victorville”) dated May 21, 2004, with an original principal amount of Two Million Six Hundred Thousand Dollars ($2,600,000) and associated loan documents (hereinafter referred to as “Property”).
The Property is collateral under a Commercial Security Agreement dated March 28, 2008, executed by Debtor in favor of La Jolla Bank, FSB (“LJB”) and acquired by Secured Party through the receivership of LJB. On February 19, 2010, LJB was closed by the Office of Thrift Supervision and the Secured Party was appointed as receiver of LJB. Pursuant to 12 U.S.C. § 1821(d)(2)(A)(i) (the Federal Deposit Insurance Act), the Secured Party succeeded to “all rights, titles, powers, and privileges” of LJB.
The sale of the Property by Secured Party is a result of Debtor's failure to pay its indebtedness to Secured Party and to perform all other obligations as required under the terms of the Commercial Security Agreement and certain other documents evidencing the obligation.
Secured Party has the right to postpone the sale by public announcement at the time and place scheduled for the sale.
The sale will be for cash or cashier's check only made payable to “KEYBANK REAL ESTATE CAPITAL”.
The sale will be on an “as is, where is” basis and without representation or warranty, express or implied, of any kind, including the quality design, merchantability, suitability or fitness for any particular purpose of the property.
Secured Party has the right to buy at the sale.
Secured Party reserves the right to withdraw the Property from the sale and to reject any bid for the Property.
The public auction will proceed as follows:
DATE: June 4, 2012
TIME: 10:00 AM
LOCATION: 743 El Cajon Boulevard, El Cajon, CA 92020

The Debtor is entitled to an accounting of the unpaid indebtedness secured by the property that Secured Party intends to sell. You may request an accounting by contacting Amy at the offices of PAUL T. JOHNSON LAW GROUP, APC, counsel for the Secured Party, at (760) 431-8988 x 4.
The auction will be conducted by McCormack Auction Company who can be reached at (619) 447-1196 for any other additional terms and conditions of auction.
Pub. May 17, 21, 28 -00099109



In accordance with the provisions of the California Code of Regulations Section 58301, you are hereby notified of the preparation of the proposed Annual Financial and Budget Report of the Grossmont Union High District, for school year 2012-13.
The proposed budget, computed district tax requirement, and any recommendations made by the Superintendent of Schools, San Diego County, shall be available for public inspection on June 11, 2012 to June 13, 2012, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, GUHSD District Office/Bldg. 300 GHS Campus, 1100 Murray Drive, El Cajon, CA, 92020.
YOU WILL THEREFORE TAKE NOTICE THAT the Governing Board of the Grossmont Union High District will conduct a public hearing of the proposed budget on June 14, 2012, 6:00 PM, East County Regional Education Center, 924 E. Main Street, El Cajon, CA, 92021.
Randolph E. Ward
County Superintendent of Schools
San Diego County
May 2012
Pub. May 17 00097678

Miscellaneous Notices
PUBLISHED: Thursday May 17, 2012

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