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County of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Tuesday May 21, 2013

Notice is hereby given that the Facilities Development Department of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (the “Airport Authority”) will receive sealed bids at 2320 Stillwater Road, San Diego, California, until 1:30 P.M. on June 14, 2013 for:

Spec. No. 104163-A / Drawing No. 104163-A

The magnitude of this work is in the range of $700K. The bidder must possess a valid California State Contractors License, classification B or C-10 at the time the contract is submitted.

The scope of work in general includes the installation of electrical power infrastructure for the installation of Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) units (by others) at Terminal 1 West and Terminal 2 East.

A non-mandatory prebid conference will be conducted at 9:00 A.M. on May 28, 2013, in the PSA Conference Room, 2320 Stillwater Road, San Diego, California. At the end of the conference, interested parties may visit the job site. This will be the only job site tour given, please ensure your attendance. Failure to visit the job site shall be grounds for denial of claims for changed conditions.

All questions relating to the bid specs/drawings shall be in writing and shall be directed towards the Procurement Department. Questions will be received until 4:00 P.M. on May 31, 2013. Any questions received after that time and date will not be considered. The Procurement Department Representative is: Mark Holt, Fax: 619-400-2541, Email:

Bids will be opened in public immediately following the time for receipt referenced above, in the Air Cal Conference Room at 2320 Stillwater Road, San Diego, California. No Bidder may withdraw a bid after the time and date set for bid opening.

The solicitation may be downloaded at:, select Business Opportunities, select Open Solicitations; OR

In order to download the solicitation, the Bidder must first register. Please follow this link below:

If there are any issues with downloading these documents, please contact PlanetBids customer support at (818) 992-1771 or

In accordance with the provisions of the California State Labor Code, the Airport Authority has obtained the general prevailing rate of wages (which rate includes employer payments for health and welfare, vacation, pension and similar purposes) applicable to the work to be done, for straight time, overtime, Saturday, Sunday and holiday work. All labor employed on this project shall be paid no less than such minimum rates of wages.

It is the practice of the Airport Authority that certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) shall have the maximum opportunity to participate in the performance of Airport Authority contracts. Certified DBEs with qualifying experience are encouraged to respond to the request for proposals/bids/quotes, etc.

A. Small Business: A firm is considered a small business, if a firm (1) is enrolled in the Authority's Bonding and Contract Financing Assistance Program, which requires verification by staff that the firm meets Small Business Administration (SBA) size standards, or (2) possesses any certification issued by a California public agency that uses size criteria that fall within the SBA size standards.

B. Local Business: A firm is considered a local business, if a firm meets all of the following criteria: (1) have a valid business certificate issued by San Diego County, or a valid business license issued by a city within San Diego County; (2) twenty-five percent (25%) of the workforce based in the local office must reside in San Diego County; and (3) be headquartered or have a physical commercial address located within the limits of San Diego County for a minimum of 6 months prior to the release of a solicitation for which a business responds as a local business participant. (U.S. Post Office boxes are not verifiable and shall not be considered for the purpose of this definition).

C. Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB): A firm is considered a SDVOSB if at least 51 percent of the shares or stock or other equitable securities are owned by one or more persons who are service-disabled veterans and included in the “VetBiz Registry” maintained by the United States Department of Veteran Administration (DVA) or any subsequent database preferred by the DVA.

Bidder shall file the bonds as required by the Contract and Civil Code section 3247. The provisions of Public Contract Code section 22300 apply to this Contract.

Bidders are hereby notified that the successful Bidder will be required to provide insurance in accordance with Section 1C-6.1, “Contractor's Insurance,” of the General Conditions. For work on the Airport Operations Area (AOA) as defined herein, the required limits of insurance coverage are increased for work performed on non-AOA projects and subject to the Airport Authority's Owner Controlled Insurance Program (see the applicable section of the General Conditions). The Contractor shall be required to provide insurance in addition to the Owner Controlled Insurance Program.

In the public interest, the Airport Authority reserves the right to reject any or all bids, or to waive any informality in a bid.

DATED:May 14, 2013

Project No. 104163
Advertised: May 14, 2013 & May 21, 2013-00110671



In the Matter of the San Diego County Grand Jury for the Period July 2013 through June 2014
Pursuant to Penal Code sections 904, 905 and 906:

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the eighty-five (85) prospective Grand Jurors are requested to appear in the Presiding Department of this Court on Friday, June 7, 2013, at 10:00 a.m., at which time thirty (30) names shall be drawn by lot. Those prospective Grand Jurors, who are unable to personally attend on June 7, but are eligible to serve on the Grand Jury, must call Alison Blackwell in the Jury Services Office at (619) 450-7260, prior to June 7. Those who do not attend on June 7, or so advise Alison Blackwell of their eligibility to serve, but inability to personally attend on June 7, will not be eligible for selection on the Grand Jury. From these thirty (30) names, nineteen (19) names shall be drawn by lot and shall be impaneled as the San Diego County Grand Jury for the period July 2013 through June 2014. The remaining eleven (11) names will be maintained on a list of alternates eligible to serve in the event of any vacancies during the year.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Clerk of the Superior Court shall cause a copy of this order, along with a copy of the list of the prospective Grand Jurors showing the name of the judge who selected each person, to be published one time in the San Diego Daily Transcript, a newspaper of general circulation, pursuant to the provisions of Penal Code section 900.
Dated this 20th day of May, 2013.

Presiding Judge

2013/2014 Prospective Civil Grand Jurors

Fname Mname Lname Dist Judge__________________
Joyce Singer Abrams 4 Judge William C. Genrty, Jr.
Steven Albert Avery 2 Judge Charles W. Ervin
Doris Marie Barnes 1 Judge Roderick W. Shelton
Jeanne L Bauer 2 Judge Charles W. Ervin
Ellen Dubois Bevier 2 Judge Patricia Garcia
Lynette Giovanazzi Blakney 4 Judge Leo Valentine, Jr.
William Lloyd Bouffard 4 Judge Michael T. Smyth
Rancy Michael Breece 4 Judge Joan P. Weber
Michele Andre Buchanan 4 Judge William R. Nevitt, Jr.
Russell Henry Buckley 2 Judge Robert O. Amador
Antonio Leonardo Bullen 2 Judge Lantz Lewis
Joseph William Carpinelli 3 Judge Laura J. Birkmeyer
Martha K Carver 4 Judge Federick Maguire
Robert Mark Chamberlain 5 Judge Jaqueline Stern
Pamela Sue Chiaramonte Love 2 Judge William J. McGrath
Mark Douglas Chipman 4 Judge Robert F. O’Neill
Jeffrey Robert Clark 5 Judge Albert T. Hartunian III
Jennylynn Elizabeth Collister 4 Judge Thomas P. Nugent
Michael Charles Cronin 1 Judge Roderick W. Shelton
Janice L. Dame 2 Judge William J. McGrath
Dora M Derango 3 Judge Sharon B. Majors-Lewis
Burma Benefield Dunn 1 Judge Esteban Hernandez
Patricia Ann Ferguson 4 Judge Ronald Styn
Percy Green 4 Judge Joel R. Wohlfeil
Patricia Ann Grosch 2 Judge Allan J. Preckel
Gregory William Haw 3 Judge David G. Brown
Richard Finn Hobson 5 Judge Adrienne A. Orfield
Nekita Ora Hobson 5 Judge Adrienne A. Orfield
Jeanne Gee Hoey 3 Judge Howard H. Shore
Steve Edward Hogan 2 Judge Steven E. Stone
John Raymond Hood 4 Judge Lorna A. Alksne
Peter House 3 Judge Peter L. Gallagher
Willard Henry Howard 1 Judge Tamila E. Ipema
Thomas A. Hughes 3 Judge Charles R. Gill
Bryant Keith Hull 4 Judge Joel M. Pressman
Shirley Ann Johnson 2 Judge Daniel B. Goldstein
Tuesdae Ilene Johnson 2 Judge Daniel B. Goldstein
Bonnie S Kenk 2 Judge Herbert J. Exarhos
Kenneth Andrew Klinko 3 Judge Herbert J. Exarhos
Cynthia K Knight 3 Judge Jeffrey F. Fraser
Richard D Kreysar 5 Judge Aaron H. Katz
John Gregory Kroll 4 Judge David J. Danielsen
William Krunglevich 5 Judge Timothy M. Casserly
Howard Arthur Labore 2 Judge Louis R. Hanoian
Nathaniel Lawrence 1 Judge Francis M. Devaney
Martha Juanita Leggett 2 Judge Louis R. Hanoian
Sharon Sue Lira 2 Judge Gary M. Bubis
Mary C Lundberg 4 Judge Gale E. Kaneshiro
Robert John McNamara 4 Judge Margie G. Woods
Kenneth R Michael 3 Judge Peter C. Deddeh
Gerald George Michois 1 Judge Alvin E. Green, Jr.
Linda Susan Miles 2 Judge Gary M. Bubis
Harry Dean Moore 4 Judge Edward P. Allard, III
Lydia Dianne Muri 2 Judge Roger W. Krauel
Stephen Edward Nash 5 Judge Aaron H. Katz
William Keith Nott 5 Judge David L. Berry
Gregory Lance Ny 1 Judge Edward P. Allard, III
Lixya Preston de Silva 2 Judge Evan P. Kirvin
Pauline Ann Priest 2 Judge Hervert J. Exarhos
Doriance Marcelle Purchase 5 Judge Blaine K. Bowman
Helen Dominga Rawson 3 Judge Robert C. Longstreth
Jeanette P Reyes 3 Judge David M. Gill
Anna Jenifer Robison 3 Judge Paula S. Rosenstein
John Alexander Roeder 3 Judge Jeffrey B. Barton
Vanessa Thomas Schumert 3 Judge Melinda J. Lasater
Bart C. Sharp 5 Judge Jacqueline M. Stern
Robert William Shipley 2 Judge Lantz Lewis
Albert R Sonntag 3 Judge Lisa Schall
John Clement Stalker 4 Judge David M. Gill
Richard Allan Stanford 4 Judge Runston G. Maino
Melvyn Bernard Stein 2 Judge Judith F. Hayes
Leonard Henry Stierer 5 Judge Marshall Y. Hockett
James K Straub 3 Judge Laura H. Parsky
Philip Michael Teran 4 Judge Steven R. Denton
Linford Elwyn Thomas, Jr. 4 Judge Runston G. Maino
Lee Timothy Tweeten 3 Judge Katherine A. Bacal
Pavel Alex Valdez 5 Judge David G. Brown
Christin Valle 2 Judge Joseph P. Brannigan
Alvin James Vildibill, Jr. 2 Judge Kevin A. Enright
Diane Marie Wade 2 Judge Allan J. Preckel
Bodie Ryan Weast-Bates 4 Judge Amalia L. Meza
Edward C Weiner 3 Judge Richard S. Whitney
William Llewellyn Westlake 3 Judge Timothy M. Casserly
Caroleen Lockwood Williams 1 Judge Katherine A. Bacal
Anthony D Witcher 3 Judge Charles G. Rogers
Pub. May 21-00110857

County of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Tuesday May 21, 2013

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