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504 Notice of Public Sale
PUBLISHED: Tuesday May 27, 2003


Notice is hereby given pursuant to Sections 21700 through 21716 of the Business and Professions Code of the State of California that the undersigned, (Encinitas Self Storage LLC) located at( 911 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas, CA 92024) will sell at public auction at Anstead's Auctioneer's and Associates. 532 N. 28th Street, San Diego, CA 92102 items to be sold about June 17, 2003. Pick of items on or before June 13, 2003. At 5:00PM the following described property:
FA41 Patricia Beltran
Misc. Items
EA10 Lillian Zilbercweig
Misc. Items
DC74 Christine McCarney
Misc. Items
DC2 Sandra Moore
Misc. Items
FC38 Karen Gammeter
Misc. Items
FA31 Patricia Beltran
Misc. Items
DB56 Travis Tidwell
Misc. Items

Pub. May 23, 30-d523575

Notice of Public Sale
Notice is given that pursuant to Section 21701-21715 of the business and Professions Code, Section 535 of the Penal Code, Quarry Self Storage, 6260 Quarry Road, Spring Valley, Ca., will sell by competitive bidding on June 20, 2003, after 8:30 A.M. Auction to be held at above address, Property to be sold as follows: misc household goods, personal items, furniture, and clothing belonging to the following:
1) Mary Jo Brown Unit H3
2) Jeffred Calma Unit F71
3) Christopher Chacon Unit G34
4) Glena Chargulaf Unit F12
5) Paul Genuino Unit F23
6)Deborah Goldsberry Unit C1
7) Carson Norton Unit B22
8) Robert Osuna Unit F1
9) Lynnette Rippee Unit G97
10) Jackie Walker Unit D47
11) Yvette Ybarra Unit F93
12) Yvette Zamora Unit I19
West Coast Auctions
State License No. A2292
Quarry Self Storage
Byron Loughman
Pub. May 23,30-x501912

Notice is hereby given by the undersigned that a public lien sale of the following described personal property will be held at the hour of 1:15pm, on the 3rd day of June, 2003, at 7545 Dagget St., SD CA 92111, County of San Diego, State of California. The property is stored by Shurgard of Kearny Balboa, 7545 Dagget Street, San Diego, CA 92111
(Name; Space No.; General Description of Goods)
David Hakola 3301-cabinets, golf set, misc. household items; Robert Reneaum 4279-misc. household items; Cindy Gunter 3113-misc. household items; Mark Yogerst 5347-misc household items; Tracy Peneda 1396-misc. household items; Emiel Gobezie 1241-misc. household items; Massoud Tebbi 4259-misc. household items; Marie Read 1344-misc. household items; Mariee Wright 4171-misc. household items; Michael Lujan 4328-misc. household; Teresa Moore Logan 1209-misc. household items; Arthur Opel 4170-misc. household items; Stephen Holdeman 4173-misc. household items; Mary Gargano 4227-misc. household items; Robert Aguilar 2112-misc. household items; Darcel Dubois/BCI Training & Solutions 4265-misc. household items; Terry Chapman 5258-misc. household items; Shana Clark 2267-misc. household items; Fred Collins 1359 misc. household items; Paul Cooper 5155-misc. household items; Joseph Cureaux Jr. 1353-misc. household items; Michelle Alfont/Cut-A-Rug 5214-misc. household items; Yvonne Davis 1317-misc. household items; Glenn J D'Abreo Glenesis 4243-misc. household items; Patricia Maher 1363-misc. household items; Linda McGee 1207-misc. household items; Ismael Pena 5210-misc. household items; Robert Onyon 4329-misc. household items.
This notice is given in accordance with the provisions of Section 21700 et seq of the Uniform Commercial Code of the State of California.
Auctioneer's name and # J Michael's
Auction Inc. 714-996-4881
DATED 05/13/03
By /s/ GordonTangen
Pub. May 16,23-x501895

504 Notice of Public Sale
PUBLISHED: Tuesday May 27, 2003

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