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600 City of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Friday June 17, 2005

City of San Diego

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the City of San Diego will receive bids for work listed below. Plans and specifications can be obtained from the Engineering and Capital Projects Department, Administration Division, Executive Complex, 1010 Second Avenue, Suite 500, San Diego, California, where bids are to be submitted prior to time specified.
A pre-bid meeting and/or pre-bid visit to the work site will be held, if indicated, at the time and place specified in the contract documents. Prospective bidders are encouraged to attend these sessions.
It is the policy of the City of San Diego to encourage equal opportunity in its construction, consultant, material and supply contracts. Bids/proposals from small businesses, minority-owned, disabled, veteran-owned businesses, women-owned businesses and local firms are strongly encouraged. Contractors are encouraged to subcontract and/or participate in joint ventures with these firms. The City is committed to equal opportunity and will not discriminate with regard to race, religion, color, ancestry, age, gender, disability, medical condition or place of birth and will not do business with any firm that discriminates on any basis.
Sign language or oral interpreting services are available at pre-bid meetings and bid openings with a 5 business day notice to Contract Services at 533-4464
Bid No. K051856C. Work Order No. 119617. Opening Date: July 27, 2005 2:30 p.m.
Prebid: 07/11/05 10:00 a.m. @ 1010 Second Avenue, Suite 500, San Diego, CA 92101.
Construction Estimate: $4,200,000.00 Specification Fee: $50. License Requirement: A.
In order to be able to bid on this project, Bidders must be pre-qualified prior to submitting a bid. Please allow ten (10) business days for processing.
FOR INFORMATION on PRE-QUALIFICATION ONLY, CONTACT RAY ROBERSON at (619) 533-3474 or Bidders submitting bids who have not been pre-qualified will be deemed Non-Responsive.
This Project is Subject to the City of San DiegoÕs Subcontracting Outreach Program (SCOP) which requires bidders to obtain documentation FIFTEEN (15) days prior to the bid opening date (see Indicator #8 of SCOP page 8 of 10).

Afshin Oskoui
Pub. June 17-k114214

FOR BID # K05109

Sealed bids will be received and publicly opened at the Metropolitan Wastewater Department, 9192 Topaz Way, San Diego, California until 1:30 p.m., on the 21st day of July 2005, for work pertaining to the SAN DIEGO RIVER WETLAND CREATION PROJECT Ð PHASE "B"; # K05109. The Bids will then be opened and read aloud that same day and time in conference room 1D of the Metropolitan Wastewater Department at said location.
OBTAINING CONTRACT DOCUMENTS: Contract Documents, Specifications and Plans may be obtained from the Records Management Unit of the Metropolitan Wastewater Department at the above address or by calling (858) 292-6493 upon a non-refundable payment of $25.00 (TWENTY-FIVE Dollars) for each set of documents.
DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The WORK includes, but is not limited to native habitat restoration to establish 3.63-acres of riparian woodlands, .9-acre of Diegan coastal sage scrub, and 9.25-acres of native upland habitats to serve as mitigation for upland and wetland impacts resulting from sewer maintenance and emergency activities. Phase A of the San Diego River Wetland Creation Project consists of grading and site preparation and will be completed under a separate contract. Phase B, the subject of this contract, includes: native plant and seed procurement; installation of a temporary irrigation system; container plant installation; hydro-seed application; and site maintenance during the 120-day plant establishment period, a one-year maintenance and warranty period, and up to four (4) additional years of site maintenance.
LOCATION OF WORK: The project is located on an undeveloped 13.75-acre city-owned parcel, situated immediately east of the Camino del Rio North/Mission City Parkway intersection, south of the San Diego River and north of Interstate 8 in the eastern portion of the Mission Valley Community Planning Area (APN No. 433-250-16 and 433-250-05; unsectioned lands of Township 16 South, Range 2 West of the USGS 7.5 minute La Mesa and La Jolla quadrangles, San Bernardino Base and Meridian), in San Diego, California.
PRE-QUALIFICATION OF CONTRACTORS: As of February 1, 2003 Contractors who intend to bid on Public Works Projects over $250,000 for the City of San Diego must be pre-qualified. Bids from Contractors who have not been pre-qualified, and bids that exceed the maximum dollar amount at which Contractors are pre-qualified, will be deemed non-responsive and ineligible for award Contractors are encouraged to submit their pre-qualification questionnaire and financial statements to the City of San Diego Engineering and Capital Projects Department, Pre-Qualification Program1010 Second Avenue, Suite 1200, San Diego, CA 92101 or if you have any questions, or need additional information, please call (619) 533-3474 or you can e-mail
NOTICE OF LABOR COMPLIANCE PROGRAM APPROVAL: The City of San Diego received initial approval as a Labor Compliance Program on August 11, 2003. The limited exemption from prevailing wages pursuant to Labor Code Section 1771.5(a) does not apply to contracts under jurisdiction of the Labor Compliance Program. Inquiries, questions, or assistance about the Labor Compliance Program should be directed to: Nora Nugent, Labor Compliance Program Administrator, at 619.235.1930, 202 C Street, MS 90 San Diego, CA 92101.
SUBCONTRACTING OUTREACH PROGRAM: This project is subject to the requirements of the Subcontracting Outreach Program as specified in Pages 1- 8 of the Subcontracting Outreach Program section in the contract documents. To be eligible for award of this project, the bidder must subcontract a minimum percentage of its bid to qualified available subcontractors. The City has incorporated a mandatory subcontractor participation goal to enhance competition and maximize subcontracting opportunities. Based on historical review of subcontractor usage on City projects and availability, the mandatory goal for this project is 11%.
EQUAL OPPORTUNITY CONTRACTING: The City of San Diego will not discriminate with regard to race, color, sex, national origin or disability in the award of contracts. The City will ensure that full access to programs, services, meetings, and activities comply with section 504 Title V of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 1990, Public Law 101-336. Bids from DBE/DVBE contractors are particularly encouraged. Contractors are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to utilize DBE/DVBE subcontractors and/or Joint Ventures with DBE/DVBE=s.
PRE-BID CONFERENCE: There will be a pre-bid conference to discuss the scope of the project, bidding requirements and the City's Equal Opportunity Program requirements and reporting procedures in the Metropolitan Wastewater Department Conference Room 1D of 9192 Topaz Way, San Diego, CA, at 9:30 a.m., on the 30th day of June 2005. A site visit will be conducted on the same date at 11:00 a.m. Maps to the site will be available at the pre-bid conference. Prospective bidders are encouraged to attend. To request a copy of the agenda in an alternative format, or to request a sign language or oral interpreter for this meeting, call the Metropolitan Wastewater Department, Services and Contracts Division at telephone number (858) 292-6300 at least five working days prior to the meeting to ensure availability.
CONTRACTOR'S LICENSE CLASSIFICATION: In accordance with the provisions of California Law, the OWNER has determined that the CONTRACTOR shall possess a valid "Class C-27" license at the time that the bid is submitted. Failure to possess the specified license shall render the Bid as non-responsive and shall act as a bar to award of the Contract to any bidder not possessing said license at the time of bid.
SAN DIEGO LICENSE: All Contractors, including Subcontractors, not already having a City of San Diego license for the work contemplated will be required to secure the appropriate license from the City Treasurer, City Operations Building, Community Concourse, before a contract can be awarded.
BID SECURITY: Each Bid shall be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check or Bid Bond in the amount of 10 percent of the total Bid Price payable to the City of San Diego as a guarantee that the Bidder: (1) will provide the information required within the time specified in the - BID FORMS of the package if the Bidder is the Apparent Low Bidder; and (2) will promptly execute the Agreement if its Bid is accepted. A bid shall not be considered unless one of the forms of Bidder's security is enclosed with it.
PHASE FUNDING: This Project will be phase funded. The Apparent Low Bidder will be required to provide a Pre-award Schedule in accordance with the Contract Documents.
SECURITIES DEPOSIT IN LIEU OF RETENTION: Pursuant to Section 22300 of the Public Contract Code of the State of California, the Contractor has the option to deposit securities with an escrow agent as a substitute for retention earnings required to be withheld by this contract.
ACCEPTANCE OF BIDS: The City reserves the right to cancel this Notice Inviting Bids at any time, and further reserves the right to reject all submitted bids, without giving any reason for such action, at its sole discretion and without liability. All costs incurred by bidders as a result of preparing bids under this Notice Inviting Bids shall be the sole responsibility of each bidder. This Notice Inviting Bids creates or imposes no obligation upon the City to enter into a contract.
Pub. June 16,17-k114203

City of San Diego

As a nearby property owner or tenant, or person who has requested notice, you should know that the Hearing Officer of Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC) will hold a hearing to either approve, conditionally approve or deny an application by 6th & Island Investments, LLC. to allow alcohol (ABC Type 47 on-premise license for a bona fide eating establishment) in conjunction with live music and entertainment for a proposed restaurant/bar/lounge to be located at 454 Sixth Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter District of the Centre City Community Plan Area.
DATE OF HEARING: Thursday, June 30, 2005
TIME /LOCATION: 2:00P.M. , 225 Broadway, Suite 1100, San Diego, CA 92101 Large Conference Room
PROJECT NUMBER: Conditional Use Permit No. 2004-59
PROJECT LOCATION: 454 Sixth Avenue
PROJECT MANAGER: Lucy Contreras, CCDC, Assistant Planner
MAILING ADDRESS: 225 Broadway, Suite 1100, San Diego, CA 92101
CONTACT: (619) 533-7132 or
If you desire additional information regarding this request, or wish to submit any information on this application, you must do so prior to the decision date. Copies of the plans for the project are available for public review in the offices of CCDC located at 225 Broadway, Suite 1100, San Diego, 92101. If you wish to receive notice of this decision, you must submit a written request to the Project Manager listed above before the Public Hearing Date.
The decision of the Hearing Officer of CCDC can be appealed to the Planning Commission. An appeal must be made within 10 business days of the Hearing Officer decision date. In order to appeal any decision to the Planning Commission, you must express interest in writing to the Project Manager prior to the decision date. Any appeals must be submitted to the Legislative Recorder of the Planning Commission, 5th Floor, City Administrative Building, 202 C Street, San Diego, California, 92101.
If you have any questions after reviewing this notice, please call the project managers listed above.
DATE OF NOTICE: June 17, 2005
Pub. June 17-k114221

600 City of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Friday June 17, 2005

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