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City of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Thursday June 22, 2006

City of San Diego
Date of Notice: June 22, 2006
JO: 42-1893
The City of San Diego Land Development Review Division has prepared a draft Mitigated Negative Declaration for the following project and is inviting your comments regarding the adequacy of the document. Your comments must be received by July 21, 2006 to be included in the final document considered by the decision-making authorities. Please send your written comments to the following address: Marilyn Mirrasoul, Environmental Planner, City of San Diego Development Services Center, 1222 First Avenue, MS 501, San Diego, CA 92101 or e-mail your comments to with the Project Number in the subject line.
General Project Information:
*Project No. 12657, SCH No. 2005061089
*Community Plan Area: Via De La Valle
*Council District: 1
Subject: VIA DE LA VALLE STREET WIDENING: Site Development Permit to allow for the widening of approximately one mile of the existing two-lane Via De La Valle Road into a four-lane major. The proposed project site is located east of Interstate 5 between San Andres Drive and El Camino Real West (Portion of Road Survey 443). The site is not included on any Government Code Listing of hazardous waste sites.
Applicant: Black Mountain Ranch LLC
Recommended Finding: The recommended finding that the project will not have a significant effect on the environment is based on an Initial Study and project revisions/conditions which now mitigate potentially significant environmental impacts in the following area(s): Archaeological Resources, Biological Resources/MHPA, Paleontological Resources, Land Use/Visual Effects and Neighborhood Character, Geologic Conditions, and Transportation.
Availability in Alternative Format: To request this Notice, the Mitigated Negative Declaration, Initial Study, and/or supporting documents in alternative format, call the Development Services Department at 619-446-5460 or (800) 735-2929 (TEXT TELEPHONE).
Additional Information: For environmental review information, contact Marilyn Mirrasoul at (619) 446-5380. The Mitigated Negative Declaration, Initial Study, and supporting documents may be reviewed, or purchased for the cost of reproduction, at the Fifth floor of the Development Services Center. For information regarding public meetings/hearings on this project, contact Project Manager Derrick Johnson at (619) 446-5238. This notice was published in the SAN DIEGO DAILY TRANSCRIPT, placed on the City of San Diego web-site (, and distributed on June 22, 2006. Robert J. Manis, Assistant Deputy Director
Development Services Department
Pub. June 22-00008564

Date of Notice: June 22, 2006

DATE OF HEARING: July 13, 2006
TIME OF HEARING: 9:00 a.m.
Council Chambers, 12th Floor, City Administration Building, 202 C Street, San Diego, California
PROJECT TYPE: Vesting Tentative Map, Site Development Permit, and Planned Development Permit.
APPLICANT: Mike Stevens
CITYPROJECTMANAGER: Cory Wilkinson, Development Project Manager
PHONE NUMBER: (619) 557-7900
As a property owner, tenant or person who has requested notice, you should know that the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing approve, conditionally approve, or deny, a mixed-use development of 28 for-sale residential units and 6 commercial units on a 0.97 acre site at 4104 Voltaire Street and 4105 Whittier Street within the Peninsula Community Planning Area, CC-3-5 and RM-2-5 zones, and the following overlay zones: Coastal Height Limitation, Airport Approach, Airport Overlay, Airport Environs, and the Community Plan Implementation Overlay Area B. The site is not within the Coastal Overlay Zone.
The project proposes infill construction of 28 residential condominium units and six new commercial units as mixed-use development along a transportation corridor in a transitional area, a potential smart-growth area, and a redevelopment project area. The project proposes 23 two-bedroom units, and five three-bedroom units, in two- and three-story buildings, totaling 40,355 square feet gross floor area (GFA). Six commercial units would be provided ranging from 902 to 1,583 square feet for a total of 6,646 square feet GFA. Adding other ancillary uses such as parking and storage areas, the project proposes a total of 63,312 GFA for a total lot coverage of 20,354 square feet on a 42,153 square foot (0.97 acre) site. Parking for the project is provided in 71 vehicle parking spaces and six motorcycle spaces in a below-grade parking structure.
The project scope includes public improvements of sidewalk upgrades, and removal of existing curb cuts along Voltaire. Double Acorn style street lights would be provided along Voltaire Street consistent with the Community Plan. The existing bus stop along Voltaire Street would be relocated to the westerly end of the Voltaire right-of-way adjacent to the project site and configured to Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications.
Traffic improvements associated with the project include a median opening to allow eastbound left turns only into the project driveway along Voltaire, removing the median along Voltaire to provide full access for both the project driveway and San Clemente Street, removing a median and adding a center turn lane (restripe) along Voltaire Street from Wabaska Drive to Catalina Boulevard, removing the existing traffic signal and northbound channelizing island (also known as a "pork chop") from the intersection of Voltaire Street and Wabaska Drive, installing a all-way stop sign at the intersection of Voltaire Street and Wabaska Drive, and creating (restripe) a 10-foot center turn lane along Famosa Boulevard between Whittier Street and Nimitz Boulevard.
The project site as it exists today includes a commercial building (Dominos Pizza) [built in 1988], two unoccupied single-family houses [built in 1950] at 4105 Whittier Street, and accessory storage buildings [built in 1988] at 4064 Voltaire Avenue. All existing uses are proposed to be removed. The site is bisected by an overhead 69 kV San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) regional distribution power line required by SDG&E to remain overhead, and a 12 kV SDG&E line distribution line to be relocated and undergrounded along Nimitz and Voltaire.
The decision of the Planning Commission is final unless the project is appealed to the City Council. In order to appeal the decision of the Planning Commission you must be present at the public hearing and file a speaker slip concerning the application or have expressed interest by writing to the Planning Commission before the close of the public hearing. To file an appeal, contact the City Clerk at 202 "C" Street, Second Floor. The appeal must be made within 10 working days of the Planning Commission decision. If you wish to challenge the City's action on the above proceedings in court, you may be limited to addressing only those issues you or someone else have raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or written in correspondence to the City at or before the public hearing.
If you have any questions after reviewing this information, you can contact the City Project Manager listed above.
This information will be made available in alternative formats upon request. To request an agenda in alternative format or to request a sign language or oral interpreter for the meeting, call the Disability Services Program Coordinator at (619) 236-5979 at least five working days prior to the meeting to ensure availability. Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are available for the meeting upon request.
Job Order No. 42-3804
Pub. June 22-00008340

City of San Diego

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the City of San Diego will receive bids for commodities and services. Bid packages can be downloaded from the City of San Diego's Bid & Contract Opportunities web page, found at under the Business section.
If you are unable to utilize the online option, bid packages can be requested by calling the Purchasing Division at (619) 236-6000.
1. Furnish Complete Landscape Maintenance within Sage Canyon and Torrey Hills Neighborhood Parks and Provide Janitorial Maintenance for Two (2) Comfort Stations, as may be required for a period of two (2) years from date of award, with options to renew for three (3) additional one (1) year periods.
Bid No. 8301-06-Y. Bid Closing Date: July 11, 2006 @ 2:30 p.m.
A mandatory pre-bid conference and site inspection are scheduled at Torrey Hills Neighborhood Park, 4262 Calle Mejillones, San Diego, CA 92130, on Thursday, June 29, 2006, at 9:00 a.m. Bids will not be accepted from Bidders not attending nor from Bidders arriving after the pre-bid conference has started.

2. Furnish Real Estate Services, as may be required for a period of three (3) months.
Proposal No. 8303-06-L-RFP. Proposal Closing Date: July 10, 2006 @ 4:00 p.m.
A recommended pre-proposal conference is scheduled at Civic Center Plaza, Purchasing Division, located in downtown San Diego at 1200 3rd Avenue, Suite 200, San Diego CA 92101, on Thursday, June 22, 2006, at 11:00 a.m.
Tammy Rimes
Purchasing Agent
Pub. June 22-00008592

City of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Thursday June 22, 2006

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