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Miscellaneous Notices
PUBLISHED: Thursday June 08, 2006

San Diego County Air PollutionControl District

Notice is hereby given that, in accordance with Rules 26.0 through 26.10 of the San Diego Air Pollution Control District's Rules and Regulations, the Air Pollution Control Officer has made a preliminary decision to approve the Banking of Emission Reductions Credits (Application Nos. 978938, 978945, and 978946) for Cabrillo Power II LLC, 3200 Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92113. The emission reductions result from the removal of one diesel-fired turbine and one diesel-fired emergency engine (Permit to Operate Nos. 1269 and 960084, respectively).

Class 'A' emission reduction credits will be registered with the Air Pollution Control District for each of the following: 2.3 tons per year of oxides of nitrogen; 0.9 tons per year of carbon monoxide; 0.7 tons per year of oxides of sulfur; and 0.1 tons per year of particulate matter.

Written comments may be submitted for a period of 30 days commencing on June 7, 2006, and ending on July 6, 2006, to the Air Pollution Control District, 10124 Old Grove Road, San Diego, CA 92131. Please direct your comments to the attention of Arthur Carbonell. The above applications and the District's evaluation of the emission reduction credits are available for public review at this same address. Should you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact Arthur Carbonell at (858) 586-2741 or Dan Speer at (858) 586-2740.
Pub. June 8-00007768

Notice of Initiation of the Section 106 Process: Public Participation
Cricket Communications, Inc. intends to construct a wireless telecommunications facility:
“SAN-703-B / Highland Baptist”
21st Street & Highland Avenue,
National City, San Diego County,
California 91950
The proposed project will involve the collocation of antennas behind a stealth gable extension on an existing building and the placement of associated equipment within a designated lease area. No adverse visual impact to the surrounding properties is anticipated from the project. Any members of the public who are aware of historic resources that may be affected by the proposed telecommunications project should forward their comments to the RESCOM Environmental Corp. contact listed below:
Carol Sullivan
Project Manager
RESCOM Environmental Corp.
P.O. Box 6225
Traverse City, MI 49696
(231) 947-4454
Pub. June 8,15-00007685

Miscellaneous Notices
PUBLISHED: Thursday June 08, 2006

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