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504 Notice of Public Sale
PUBLISHED: Thursday July 17, 2003

Notice is hereby given by the undersigned that a public lien sale of the following described personal property will be held at the hour of 2:00pm, on the 3rd day of August, 2003, at 7545 Dagget St., SD CA 92111, County of San Diego, State of California. The property is stored by Shurgard of Kearny Balboa, 7545 Dagget Street, San Diego, CA 92111
(Name; Space No.; General Description of Goods)
Phyllis N. Adamson 1160- Misc. household items; Phyllis N. Adamson 1161-Misc. household items; BCI Training Solutions 4265-Misc. household items; Willie May Buggs 2332-Misc household items; Damon Dwyer 1122-Misc. household items; Michael Irvin 2259-Misc. household items; Mary Gargano 4227-Misc. household items; Carlos Gastelum 1263-Misc. household items; David Hakola 3301-Misc. household items; Paul McFadden 4212-Misc. household; Linda McGee 1207-Misc. household items; Kelley Rose 1412-Misc. household items; Rosalva Santos 2109-Misc. household items
This notice is given in accordance with the provisions of Section 21700 et seq of the Uniform Commercial Code of the State of California.
Auctioneer's name and # J Michael's
Auction Inc. 714-996-4881
DATED 05/13/03
By /s/ Ismael Lopez
Pub. July 17,24-d524036


Take notice that in accordance with the provisions of Civil Code ?1988(b), the following described articles of personal property will be sold at competitive bid sale on August 8, 2003 at 11:00 a.m. at 1141 Highland Ave., National City, CA: cleaning supplies, ladder, plates, dishes, silverware, gum ball machine, mirror, pictures, chairs, tables, restaurant seating booth with overhead ventilation; walk in cooler, six foot standard coolers, pots, gas stoves, glasses, eating utensils, phone, fax. The last known owners of the personal property were Mihee Kim or Kyeng Lee, who formerly occupied the commercial premises located at 1141 Highland Ave., National City, CA/ / /
Theadore M. Smith
Pub. July 17,24-d524039

504 Notice of Public Sale
PUBLISHED: Thursday July 17, 2003

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