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Notice of Public Sale
PUBLISHED: Tuesday July 20, 2010

NOTICE OF SALE OF ABANDONED PERSONAL PROPERTY is hereby given that pursuant to California Civil Code 1988 Synergy Partnerships Limited, will sell at PUBLIC SALE abandoned personal properties left at: 147 Highline Tr, El Cajon. Sale will be held at: 1510 Magnolia Ave, El Cajon, at 12 pm on July 27, 2010 Items auctioned maybe but not limited to households, personals, furniture, tools & the unknown.
Pub. July 13, 20-00076605


Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, Big Box Storage, Inc., located at 7071 Consolidated Way, San Diego, CA 92121, phone 858-578-7130, intends to sell the personal property described below to enforce a lien imposed on said property pursuant to Sections 21700-21716 of the Business and Professions Code, Section 2328 of the UCC, Section 535 of the Penal Code and provisions of the Civil Code. Auction to be held at the above address on the 27th of July, 2010 at 11:00 AM. Property to be sold as follows: misc. household goods, electronics, tools, personal items, furniture, clothing, etc. belonging to the following:
Name - Unit number(s) 
Allen, Cindy, 01-2419; 01-2437
Batres, Joseph, 01-0433
Bulahan, Brenda, 01-0719; 01-0861
Carone, Kimberly, 01-0846; 01-1681; 01-2025
Cash, Donald, 01-2258
Cortes, Jnan, 01-1833
Datcher, Bryan, 01-2455
Davis, Allen, 01-0595; 01-0954
Dove, Rita, 01-0412; 01-1562
Downey, Renee, 01-2031
Downey, Neil, 01-1323
Ellis, Zina, 01-1922; 01-0483
Fink, Thomas, 01-2157
Flores, Steve, 01-2038
Franks, Lewaun, 01-0738
Fulton, Dylan, 01-1501
Gilbert, Kimberly, 01-1238; 01-1872; 01-2445
Gilbert, Diane, 01-1934
Grant, Dee, 01-2384; 01-2383
Hamilton, Lashaunda, 01-1612
Hayes, Regina, 01-0425; 01-0353
Jaghab, John, 01-1528
Johnson, Velma, 01-2266
Kenyon, James, 01-0610
Laureano, Jaime, 01-1796
Love, Marlene, 01-2072; 01-1357
Manley, Maseena, 01-0769
Martin, Nicholas, 01-1476
Martinez, Melanie, 01-1065; 01-1557
Olmos, David, 01-0128
Owen, Mike, 01-0143; 01-0646
Perez, Frances, 01-1090; 01-1718; 01-1340
Piasecki, Michael, 01-0755
Prater, Allison, 01-2175; 01-0620
Price, Franklin, 01-0674; 01-2351
Rogers, Patrick & Lisa, 01-0139
Sandoval, Jesus, 01-0751
Silva, David/Vicky, 01-0723
Simons, Andrew, 01-0884; 01-0918
Smith, Sue, 01-0628; 01-0227
Stewart, Kenneth, 01-2069
Sullivan, Heather, 01-2340; 01-0292; 01-0159
Tripes, Traci, 01-1129
Turner, Tyler, 01-0675
Warris, Susan, 01-0384; 01-0911
Watts Jr., James, 01-0320
Wilkey, Joel, 01-1852
Wooten, Presten, 01-1204
Purchases must be paid for at the time of purchase in cash only. All purchased items sold as is where is and must be removed at the time of sale. Sale subject to cancellation in the event of settlement between the owner and obligated party.
Auction conducted by SBK Enterprises of CA, Inc.
Bond # 72bsbfa1631
Phone # 619-467-6927
Pub. July 13, 20-00076608

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell at public auction Pursuant to Division S, Chapter 10 of the California Business and Professions Code commencing with Section 21700 the following miscellaneous personal property to-wit identified by tenant name and storage unit number:
General household items and or miscellaneous items stored at El Camino Self Storage, 201S. El Camino Real, Suite ‘B’, Encinitas, CA 92924, County of San Diego, State of California, by the following persons:
Thomas Workman unit 168
Michael Blanchard units 468
and 638
Joan Landis unit 178
Lisa Del Muro unit 341B
Sanad O. Karkar unit 361451
Shelly Leveille unit 477
This sale will be competitive bidding on the 28th day of July, 2010 at 12:00 PM on the premises where said property is stored and which is located at El Camino Self Storage, 201 S. El Camino Real, Suite ‘B’, Encinitas, CA 92024, County of San Diego, State of California. The landlord reserves the right to bid at the sale. Purchases must be made with cash and “as-is” and must be removed at the time of sale. This sale is subject to prior cancellation in the event of settlement between landlord and obligated party.
Auctioneer: O’Briens Auction Service
Bond #14663730099
Pub. July 13, 20-00076610

Notice of Public Sale
PUBLISHED: Tuesday July 20, 2010

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