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City of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Thursday July 22, 2010

City of San Diego
Draft San Diego Regional Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice

Under Title 1 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended, The City of San Diego invites citizens to participate in the preparation of the San Diego Regional Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (AI). The AI is an analysis that represents conclusions about impediments to fair housing choice, as well as actions necessary to address any identified impediments.
Notice is hereby given that the AI is available for a 30-day public review from July 1, 2010 through July 30, 2010. The purpose of the review is to provide the public with an opportunity to comment on the analysis, conclusions on impediments to fair housing choice and solutions to mitigate or remove such impediments.
The draft document will be available in the reference section of all City of San Diego libraries and at the CDBG Program office located at 1200 Third Avenue, Suite 1400, San Diego, CA 92101. The plan will also be available for review on the City's CDBG Program website ( and the Housing Commission's website (
A schedule of community meetings in which the draft AI will be presented is listed in the City's CDBG Program website. Public comments may be provided at these meetings or can be submitted in writing to the CDBG Program office in person, via mail, or via e-mail ( All information and updates regarding this process will be posted on the City's CDBG website.
Pub. July 01 through July 30-00076081

DATE OF NOTICE:  July 22, 2010


August 5, 2010

9:00 A.M.

Council Chambers, 12th Floor, City Administration Building,
 202 C Street, San Diego, California  92101
PROJECT TYPE:                            Neighborhood Use Permit/Planned Development Permit/Site Development Permit, CEQA Exempt, 
Process 4

88040 (Verizon); 98370 (T-Mobile); 199531 (AT&T);

201396 (Sprint/Clearwire)
Sycamore – Multi Carrier Project

APPLICANT:                                   John Bitterly, The Planning Consortium (Verizon); Anne Wulftange, DePratti, Inc. (T-Mobile and Sprint/Clearwire); Shelly Kilbourn, PlanCom, Inc. (AT&T)
East Elliott

District 7

Karen Lynch-Ashcraft, Development Project Manager


  As a property owner, tenant or person who has requested notice, you should know that the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to approve, conditionally approve, or deny an application for a Wireless Communication Facility (WCF) consisting of a new 35-foot high lattice tower, which will replace the existing monopole. The new tower will support a total of 31 panel antennas and two microwave dishes.  There are four existing equipment shelters that will remain and two of the shelters will continue to support roof top antennas concealed within boxes.  A new 8-foot high wrought iron fence with stone pilasters is proposed in place of the existing chain link fence.  The facility is located to the northwest of the intersection of Highway-52 and Mast Boulevard.
  The decision of the Planning Commission is final unless the project is appealed to the City Council.  In order to appeal the decision of the Planning Commission you must be present at the public hearing and file a speaker slip concerning the application or have expressed interest by writing to the Planning Commission before the close of the public hearing.  Please do not e-mail appeals as they will not be accepted.  See Information Bulletin 505 “Appeal Procedure”, available at or in person at the office of the City Clerk, 202 "C" Street, Second Floor.  The appeal must be made within 10 working days of the Planning Commission decision.  If you wish to challenge the City's action on the above proceedings in court, you may be limited to addressing only those issues you or someone else have raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or written in correspondence to the City at or before the public hearing.
  This project was determined to be categorically exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act on the following dates: Verizon – March 10, 2010 and the opportunity to appeal that determination ended March 31, 2010; T-Mobile – June 9, 2010 and the opportunity to appeal that determination will end June 30, 201 ; AT&T – January 25, 2010 and the opportunity to appeal that determination ended February 16, 2010; and Sprint/Clearwire – June 10, 2010 and the opportunity to appeal that determination will end July 1, 2010.
  If you have any questions after reviewing this information, you can contact the City Project Manager listed above.
  This information will be made available in alternative formats upon request.  To request an agenda in alternative format or to request a sign language or oral interpreter for the meeting, call Support Services at (619) 321-3208 at least five working days prior to the meeting to insure availability.  Assistive Listening Devices (ALD's) are also available for the meeting upon request.
Internal Order Number:
Verizon – 23425531
T-Mobile – 23427577
AT&T – 24000518
Sprint/Clearwire - 24000590
Revised 12/5/08 RH
Pub. July 22-00077014

City of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Thursday July 22, 2010

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