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County of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Wednesday July 29, 2015

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that San Diego County Superintendent of Schools of San Diego County, California, hereinafter referred to as SDCOE, will receive up to, but not later than 2:00 P.M. (PST) of August 4, 2015, sealed bids for the award of a contract(s) for:

Bid No. 1516-003

Bids shall be received in the office of the Purchasing/Contracts Supervisor, Building 5, Room 501, San Diego County Office of Education, 6401 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, CA 92111. Bids will be opened on this day and hour with a recap of submitted pricing being available at a later date. Bids received after this time will be returned unopened. Parking is limited so plan accordingly. Oral, telephone, facsimile, or electronic submission of bids will not be accepted.

Each bid must conform and be responsive to this invitation, Bid Securities, (Bid, Payment and Performance Bonds), Contract Documents and all plans, specifications and any other documents comprising the pertinent Contract Documents, copies will be available and may be obtained after July 16, 2015 via email or at the Purchasing/Contract Supervisor office, SDCOE.

All Bidding Questions and Requests for Clarification of the bidding process will only be accepted in writing via e-mail to ATTN: Kimberly Castagnola, Bid Administrator, Questions must be received a minimum of five (5) days prior to bid opening.

Each bid shall be accompanied by the security referred to in the Contract Documents, the non-collusion affidavit, and all additional documentation required by the Instructions to Bidders section of the Contract Documents. In contracts involving an expenditure in excess of $25,000, the successful bidder shall file a performance and payment bond issued by an admitted Surety approved to conduct business in the State of California approved by SDCOE in the form set forth in the contract documents.

THERE WILL BE A PRE-BID WALK THROUGH AT SDCOE 6401 Linda Vista Rd, Annex B on JULY 30, 2015 AT 10:00 A.M. Bring and review the bid documents.

The Director of Industrial Relations has determined the general prevailing rate of per diem wages in the locality in which this work is to be performed for each craft or type of worker needed to execute the contract which will be awarded to the successful bidder(s), copies of which may be obtained from the Director of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Statistics and Research, Prevailing Wage Unit, PO Box 420603, San Francisco, CA 94142-0603 or at It shall be mandatory upon the Contractor(s) to whom the contract is awarded and upon any subcontractor under him to pay not less than the said specified rates to all workers employed by him in the execution of the contract.

If the bids subject to this Notice are due on or after March 1, 2015, then pursuant to Labor Code sections 1725.5 and 1771.1, all contractors and subcontractors that wish to bid on, be listed in a bid proposal, or enter into a contract to perform public work must be registered with the Department of Industrial Relations. No bid will be accepted nor any contract entered into without proof of the contractor's and subcontractors' current registration with the Department of Industrial Relations to perform public work. If awarded a Contract, the Bidder and its subcontractors, of any tier, shall maintain active registration with the Department of Industrial Relations for the duration of the Project.

This Project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the Department of Industrial Relations. In bidding on this project, it shall be the Bidder's sole responsibility to evaluate and include the cost of complying with all labor compliance requirements under this contract and applicable law in its bid.

Contractors are required by law to be licensed and regulated by the California Contractors' State License Board. Each bidder shall be a licensed contractor pursuant to the Business and Profession Code and

shall be licensed in the following classification: A "B" License Classification and California Certifications: ASB, Asbestos and HAZ, Hazardous Substances Removal will be required on this project.

A - General Building Contractor with ASB & HAZ
B - Package deleted
C - C-7 Low Voltage Contractor
D - C-2 Insulation & Acoustical Contractor
E - C-15 Flooring & Floor Covering Contractor

Award of Bid: SDCOE intends to award a contract for the scope of work requested in these bid specifications to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder that meets the terms and conditions set forth in the bid and contract documents. Criteria include, but are not limited to, pricing, experience in the trade, years in similar business, certifications, and warranty information. SDCOE reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to waive any irregularities or informalities in any bids or in the bidding process, and to judge the merit and qualifications of the bidder and of the equipment offered.

No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period sixty (60) calendar days after the date set for the opening of bids.

Pam Gilles
Director Internal Business Services
San Diego County, CA
Publication: San Diego Daily Transcript
Publication Dates: July 16, 2015, July 23, 2015 and July 29, 2015-00132488


Notice is hereby given that the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority ("Authority") is requesting sealed bids ("Bid") for: Terminal Parking Wayfinding Signage, Project #: 104168B, Drawing #: 4168B.

The magnitude of this work is in the range of $220,000.00. The bidder shall possess a valid California State Contractors License, classification C-45 or A, at the time the Bid is submitted.

This project includes the furnishing of labor, materials, equipment, and incidental items for: 1) Forty Eight (48) parking identification signs to match the existing sign standards in Terminal 2 West; 2) Three (3) vehicular wayfinding (roadway) signs directing users to the "Cellphone Lot" and "Long Term Parking Lot"; and 3) Five (5) painted roadway markings directing users to the Commuter Terminal, Terminal 1, and Terminal 2 parking lots.

Pre-bid Conference (Attendance is not mandatory). This conference is an opportunity for Bidders to ask questions regarding the Bid documents and the process. The conference will be held in the Board Conference Room at 10:00 a.m., on August 12, 2015, located in the Authority offices, 3rd floor, 3225 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, California. Bidders are not required to attend the pre-bid conference to participate in this solicitation and submit a Bid.

Deadline to Submit Written Questions. Questions must be submitted via e-mail to Mary Woitkoski at by 2:00 p.m., on August 18, 2015. Questions received after that time and date will not be considered.

Bid Due Date and Time. Sealed Bids must be received by 11:00 a.m., on August 27, 2015 at the Authority's reception desk, 3rd floor, 3225 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, California. Sealed Bids will be opened in public immediately thereafter in the Board Conference Room (same address). Late Bids will be rejected.

The solicitation may be downloaded at:, select Business Opportunities, select Open Solicitations; OR

In order to download the solicitation, the Bidder must first register. Please follow this link below:

If there are any issues with downloading these documents, please contact PlanetBids customer support at (818) 992-1771 or

In accordance with the provisions of the California State Labor Code, Authority has obtained the general prevailing rate of wages (which rate includes employer payments for health and welfare, vacation, pension and similar purposes) applicable to the work to be done, for straight time, overtime, Saturday, Sunday and holiday work. All labor employed on this project shall be paid no less than such minimum rates of wages.

It is the practice of the Airport Authority that certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ("DBEs") shall have the maximum opportunity to participate in the performance of Airport Authority contracts. Certified DBEs with qualifying experience are encouraged to respond to the request for proposals/bids/quotes, etc.
Pub July 29, Aug 6 -00132510


The County of San Diego, Owner, invites bids for JOB ORDER CONTRACTS: JOC # 212 - LARGE GENERAL CONTRACTOR (RFB 6941) $4,200,000; JOC # 213 - LARGE GENERAL CONTRACTOR (RFB 6942) $4,200,000; JOC # 214 - LARGE GENERAL CONTRACTOR (RFB 6943) $4,200,000; JOC # 215 - LG ENGINEERING (RFB 6944) $4,200,000; JOC # 216 - LARGE GENERAL CONTRACTOR (RFB 7007 ) $4,200,000; JOC # 217 - LOW VOLTAGE (RFB 7008 ) $4,200,000; JOC # 218 - FIRE ALARM/SUPPRESSION (RFB7009) $4,200,000; AND JOC # 219 - LANDSCAPING (RFB 7010 ) $2,500,000.

Sealed bids RFB 6941 (JOC 212), RFB 6942 (JOC 213), RFB 6943 (JOC 214); RFB 7007 (JOC 216) will be received at the Department of Purchasing and Contracting, at 5560 Overland Avenue, Ste. 270, San Diego, 92123, until 2:00 PM on August 25, 2015, at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud. Sealed bids RFB 6944 (JOC 215) and RFB 7008 (JOC 217) will be received at the Department of Purchasing and Contracting, at 5560 Overland Avenue, Ste. 270, San Diego, 92123, Ca. 92131 until 2:00 PM on August 26, 2015 at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud. Sealed bids RFB 7009 (JOC 218) and RFB 7010 (JOC 219) will be received at the Department of Purchasing and Contracting, at 5560 Overland Avenue, Ste. 270, San Diego, 92123, Ca. 92131 until 2:00 PM on August 27, 2015 at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud.

Contract documents including Plans, Specifications and Bid Forms are available for download on the County Buynet site: .You must be registered at the site in order to download documents. A mandatory pre-bid conference is scheduled for these projects, details can be found on buynet. The Contractor shall possess, at the time of submitting the bid, a valid California contractor's license, based on what is specified in bid package. Bid security of no less than 10% required at time of bid. Successful bidder shall provide Payment and Performance Bonds for 100% of the contract amount. Prevailing Wage rates apply. The Owner, as a matter of policy, encourages Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise (DVBE) participation for this project. For complete bid information, go to County of San Diego Purchasing and Contracting website at For questions, please contact PCO, Martha F. Trevejo at
Pub July 27-August 7 -00132444

County of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Wednesday July 29, 2015

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