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Miscellaneous Notices
PUBLISHED: Thursday August 14, 2008

NOTICE TO POTENTIAL FATHER Notice is hereby given to, DANTE (Last Name Unknown) JOHN DOE or any other man claiming to be the father of this child, that you have been identified by JENNIFER LYNN HALSEY, the natural mother, whose address is 9335 Carlton Oaks Dr., #92, Santee, CA 92071, as a potential father of her child DOMINIC SALVATORE INGOGLIA born January 7, 2007, in San Diego, CA. Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes §8-106(G), you are hereby notified that: 1. JENNIFER LYNN HALSEY, the natural mother, plans to place her child for adoption. 2. As a potential father, you have the right, under Arizona Revised Statutes, Sections 8-106 and 8-107, to either consent or withhold your consent to the adoption. 3. If you give your written consent to the adoption, your consent is irrevocable once you give it. 4. If you are not in agreement with the adoption plan, and want to withhold your consent to the adoption, you have thirty days from the date that this notice is served upon you to complete both of the following tasks: a. You must initiate paternity proceedings under Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 25, Chapter 6, Article 1; and b. You must have the mother served with the paternity paperwork in compliance with Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure. 5. If you initiate paternity proceedings, you are obligated to proceed to judgment. 6. In the paternity proceedings, you have the right to seek custody. 7. If the court determines that you are the child's father, you must begin to provide financial support for the child. You may also be responsible for past support. Arizona Revised Statutes, Section 25-809(A). 8. Your failure to initiate paternity proceedings under Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 25, Chapter 6, Article 1 and to serve the mother with the paternity paperwork within thirty days of completion of service of this notice upon you, and to pursue the action to judgment, bars you from bringing or maintaining any action to assert any interest in the child. 9. A potential father who fails to file a paternity action and who does not comply with all the applicable service requirements within thirty days after completion of service as prescribed in A.R.S. §8-106(G) waives his right to be notified of any judicial hearing regarding the child's adoption or the termination of parental rights and his consent to the adoption or termination is not required. 10. The Indian Child Welfare Act may supersede the Arizona Revised Statutes regarding adoption and paternity. THIS IS A LEGAL NOTICE. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF THIS NOTICE YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY CONTACT AN ATTORNEY TO ASSIST YOU IN RESPONDING TO THIS NOTICE. YOUR RIGHT TO PARENT YOUR CHILD WILL BE LOST IF YOU DO NOT ACT TO ESTABLISH YOUR PATERNITY WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS. NO FURTHER NOTICE WILL BE GIVEN.
Pub. Aug. 14, 21, 28, Sep. 4-00045635

FILE NO. 2008-023136

THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS (ARE) DOING BUSINESS AS: BAJA FRESH #111 145 BROADWAY, SAN DIEGO, CA 92101 (SAN DIEGO) MAILING ADDRESS: 145 BROADWAY, SAN DIEGO, CA 92101. The full name of registrant(s) is/are: BELLA AUTO GROUP LLC [TEXAS] 20 VIA LUCCA D406, IRVINE, CA 92612. This Business is being conducted by a/an: A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name/names listed above on: N/A.
I declare that all the information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares true, information which he knows to be false, is guilty of a crime).
This statement was filed with the County Clerk of SAN DIEGO County on 7/18/08 indicated by file stamp above.
NOTICE-THIS FICTITIOUS NAME STATEMENT EXPIRES FIVE YEARS FROM THE DATE IT WAS FILED IN THE OFFICE OF THE COUNTY CLERK. A NEW FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT MUST BE FILED PRIOR TO THAT DATE. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business name statement in violation of the rights of another under federal, state, or common law (See Section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions Code).
LA142459 DAILY TRANSCRIPT 7/24,31,8/7,14, 2008-00044610

Miscellaneous Notices
PUBLISHED: Thursday August 14, 2008

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