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City of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Tuesday August 18, 2015

Date of Notice: August 18, 2015
WBS No.: S-11025.02.06

The City of San Diego Development Services Department has prepared a draft Negative Declaration Report for the following project and is inviting your comments regarding the adequacy of the document. The draft Negative Declaration has been placed on the City of San Diego web-site at Your comments must be received by September 8, 2015, to be included in the final document considered by the decision-making authorities. Please send your written comments to the following address: Mark Brunette, Environmental Planner, City of San Diego Development Services Center, 1222 First Avenue, MS 501, San Diego, CA 92101 or e-mail your comments to with the Project Name and Number in the subject line.
General Project Information:
Project Name:
Project No.
397640 / SCH No. N/A
Community Plan Area:
Eastern Communities of the Mid-City Communities Plan
Council District:

Subject: CHOLLAS WATER OPERATIONS FACILITY IMPROVEMENTS. PUBLIC PROJECT ASSESSMENT of proposed improvements to the existing City of San Diego Chollas Water Operations Facility (WOF). The WOF is a central remote control point for the City’s water distribution system and the dispatch center for the majority of City water construction and repair crews. The WOF occupies a 9.32-acre site within the larger 50-acre Chollas City Operations Yard. The project area constitutes 5.04 acres of the 9.32-acre WOF site.
The proposed project would demolish all but one of the existing permanent structures at the site, remove all existing temporary trailers, and would construct a 44,400 square-foot, two-story office building, and a 18,240 square-foot equipment and warehouse building. The office building would contain the administration, engineering, and information systems support functions of the WOF. The equipment and warehouse building would house the Water Meter, Telemetry, Electrical, and Machine Shops, along with a materials and supplies warehouse. The project would include the installation of a 20-foot City water operating and emergency operations communications antenna on the roof of the proposed office building. All of the proposed antenna would be screened by architectural panels. A portion of the existing parking on site would be reconfigured by the proposed project. However, including adjacent shared parking, a total of 549 employee and visitor parking spaces would be provided, which exceeds required by the San Diego Municipal Code parking requirements by 17 spaces. Other site improvements would include new covered truck layout sheds where service vehicles can be loaded, prepare, and secured for the subsequent day’s jobs.
Applicant: City of San Diego Public Works Department - Engineering and Capital Projects, Right of Way Design Division.
Recommended Finding: The recommended finding that the project will not have a significant effect on the environment is based on an Initial Study.
Availability in Alternative Format: To request this Notice, the draft Negative Declaration, Initial Study, and/or supporting documents in alternative format, call the Development Services Department at 619-446-5460 or (800) 735-2929 (TEXT TELEPHONE).
Additional Information: For environmental review information, contact Mark Brunette at (619) 446-5379. The draft Negative Declaration and supporting documents may be reviewed, or purchased for the cost of reproduction, at the Fifth floor of the Development Services Center. If you are interested in obtaining additional copies of either a Compact Disk (CD), a hard-copy of the draft Negative Declaration, or the separately bound technical appendices, they can be purchased for an additional cost. For information regarding this project, contact Parita Ammerlahn at (619) 533-4162. This notice was published in the SAN DIEGO DAILY TRANSCRIPT and distributed on August 18, 2015.
Kerry Santoro
Deputy Director
Development Services
Pub Aug 18 -00132742

City of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Tuesday August 18, 2015

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