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PUBLISHED: Friday August 22, 2008

BID No. 08-11
Sealed bids, addressed to the City of La Mesa, 8130 Allison Avenue, La Mesa, California, will be received at the City Hall Information Counter until 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 9, 2008, at which time they will be publicly opened, for furnishing plant, labor, material, and equipment and performing all work required for:
The Downtown Gateway Signage Improvement Project in various locations in the City of La Mesa, County of San Diego, State of California, as shown on City of La Mesa Drawing No. 9056.1-9056.2 and according to specifications.
Engineer's Estimate for this project is $120,000.
Classification of valid contractor's license which the Prime Contractor must have at the time of bid and contract award: A or C-45 . No bid will be awarded to a Contractor who is not licensed in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 9, Division 3 of the Business and Professions Code.
A pre-bid meeting is scheduled for 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, August 26, 2008 , at the Council Chambers at 8130 Allison Avenue.
Bids will be submitted in sealed envelopes upon the blank forms of proposal furnished by the City. See Information for Bidders and other contract documents for bidding procedure and other requirements of said bid.
The right is reserved by the City to reject any and all bids and to waive any irregularities or informalities in bids received. Plans, Specifications, Information for Bidders, Bid Bond form, Performance and Payment Bond forms, Standard and Special Conditions, and Form of Agreement may be secured from the office of the City Engineer, 8130 Allison Avenue, on payment of $ 15.00 (non refundable), plus $ 5.00 if mailing is requested. CD may be purchased, with all documents in PDF format, for $20.00 which includes shipping and handling. Or, downloadable bid documents are also available at our website at at Bid Opportunities.
Bids shall be made in accordance with the prevailing hourly rate of per diem wages for this locality and project as determined by the Director of Industrial Relations pursuant to Labor Code Section 1770 et seq., a copy of which is on file with the City Engineer at 8130 Allison Avenue, La Mesa, in accordance with the provisions of Labor Code Section 1773.2, which prevailing hourly rate of wages is made a part of this notice by reference as though fully set forth herein.
The City Council of the City of La Mesa, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (78 Stat. 252) and the Regulations of the Department of Commerce (15 C.F.R., Part 8), issued pursuant to such Act, hereby notifies all Bidders that it will affirmatively insure that the contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement will be awarded to the lowest responsible Bidder without discrimination on the grounds of race, color, or national origin.
All bids will be compared on the basis of the Base Bid.
The particular attention of prospective Bidders is hereby directed to the applicable sections in the specifications for full directions and requirements as to submittal of bids, bonds, insurance, and agreements.
Dated: 8/13/08
/s/ Gregory P. Humora, P.E.
Director of Public Works/City Engineer
Pub. August 22-00045933

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the San Diego County Superintendent of Schools/San Diego County Office of Education; San Diego County, California, hereinafter referred to as the “County Office,” will receive up to, but not later than 10 o'clock a.m. on the 5 day of September, 2008 sealed bids for the purpose of:

Tree Removal & Crowing - Fox Outdoor School
Bid No. 0809-109F

Such bids must be received by the Purchasing Supervisor, Internal Business Services Section of the County Office, IN ROOM 503, 6401 Linda Vista Road; San Diego, CA 92111.
Mandatory Site Visitation: Contractors shall make a site visitation appointment by calling Dino Stavros, Maintenance Engineer, Fox Outdoor School, 24102 Highway 76, Santa Ysabel, CA 92070-9660, @619-296-8935. Failure to make a site visitation will cause your bid to be rejected as nonresponsive.
Each bid must conform and be responsive to this notice, the Information for Bidders, and the Bid Specifications. Copies of the bid documents may be attained at the County Office.
Each bid shall be accompanied by a 10% security referred to in the contract documents, the noncollusion affidavit, the list of subcontractors, and all additional documentation required by the Instructions to Bidders.
The County Office reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive any irregularities or informalities in the bids or in the bidding process.
No bidder may withdraw their bid for a period of sixty (60) days after the date set for the opening of bids.
The director of the Department of Industrial Relations has determined the general prevailing rate of per diem wages in the locality in which this work is to be performed for each craft or type of worker needed to execute the contract which will be awarded to the successful bidder, copies of which are on file and will be made available to any interested party on request at Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Statistics and Research, Prevailing Wage Unit, P.O. Box 420603, San Francisco, CA 94142-0603 or at
It shall be mandatory upon the contractor to whom the contract is awarded, and upon any subcontractor under them, to pay not less than the said specified rates to all workers employed by them in the execution of the contract.
This contract is___/is not XX subject to a labor compliance program, as described in subdivision (b) of Section 1771.5 of the Labor Code. “Pursuant to Labor Code section 1771.7, the District has implemented and shall enforce a Labor Compliance Program (LCP) approved by the Department of Industrial Relations for this Project.
Each bidder shall be a licensed contractor pursuant to the Business and Professions Code and shall be licensed in the following classification:
D-49 (only) (in the bidder's name)
Craig A. Winder, C.P.M.
Purchasing Supervisor
6401 Linda Vista Road, Room 503
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 292-3768
Pub. August 22, 29-00046044

NO. PWB106.0-09


The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) is accepting bids for BUS WASHER, for a one time purchase.
Bid documents will be available for a non-refundable fee of $35.00 on or about August 21, 2008 at:

1255 Imperial Avenue, 10th Floor
San Diego, CA 92101
Telephone: (619) 238-0100
Ext. 6459
Facsimile (619) 696-7084

In accordance with MTS' specifications, bids shall be submitted on the bid forms furnished by MTS, enclosed in a sealed envelope, plainly endorses with the bidder's name and marked:

MTS DOC. NO. PWB106.0-09
SEPTEMBER 30, 2008

Sealed bids will be due on September 30, 2008 at 2:30 p.m., Prevailing Local Time, unless otherwise amended, at:

Metropolitan Transit System
Procurement Dept.
100 16th Street
San Diego, California 92101.

Bids received after that time or at any other place other than the place stated herein will not be considered.
MTS hereby notifies all bidders that in regard to any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement; Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (as defined in 49 CFR Part 26) will not be subject to discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex or national origin in consideration for an award.
This project is subject to a capital assistance grant between San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), and the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration.
MTS reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to re-advertise for bids.
8/15, 8/22/08
Pub. Aug. 15, 22-00045358

Request for Qualifications
Bio Science 3rd Floor Tenant Improvement Lab Project, Project Number 6589
San Diego State University
The Trustees of The California State University, through this Request for Qualifications (RFQ), intend to contract with a Builder to build out the third floor Bio Science Center at the San Diego State University campus. The scope of the design for the purposes of this RFQ is to add approximately 7800 gsf to the third floor of the recently completed five story Bio Science Center addition. This project will provide increased laboratory capacity specifically to conduct cardiovascular research. Project completion is scheduled for March 2009. Refer to the RFQ for further details. Respondents shall be prequalified with the Trustees, and shall submit their prequalification application no less than five calendar days prior to submittal due date. (The Prequalification package can be downloaded at: ) A technical review committee shall review the responses to this RFQ and, based on the criteria identified in the RFQ, the committee shall select no more than six finalists to receive the Invitation for Bid.
RFQ Submittal Due Date: September 5, 2008
Deadline for Submittal of RFQ: 3:00 p.m.
Estimated Design and Construction Cost: $ 1,000,000.00
License Requirement: B-1
RFQ documents may be requested from:
Vickie L. Hokenson, C.P.M., Lead Buyer III, Contract Specialist
San Diego State University
Contract and Procurement Management Office
5500 Campanile Dr. AD 116 (see campus map )
San Diego CA 92182-1616
Telephone: 619-594-2796; Fax: 619-594-5919
The Trustees require a three percent Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise participation or good faith effort to do so. Bidders shall contact the Trustees' DVBE Coordinator Jeff Fratt at 619-594-3965.
This project is a public works project and is subject to prevailing wage rate laws (see Contract General Conditions, Section 4.02-c).
Pub. August 22, 27-00046049

PUBLISHED: Friday August 22, 2008

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