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700 County of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Tuesday August 30, 2005


The San Diego Air Pollution Control District (District) hereby gives notice that in accordance with Rule 20.2 (New Source Review Ð Non Ð Major Sources) of the DistrictÕs Rules and Regulations, the Air Pollution Control Officer has made a preliminary decision to issue an Authority to Construct for Application No. 982896, to Vallecitos Water District for a 2172 bhp diesel engine located at the Meadowlark water reclamation Facility at 7941 Corintia Street, Carlsbad, CA.
An evaluation of the air pollution impacts of this proposal was performed by the District and it was determined that all applicable District Rules and Regulations will be met when the equipment complies with conditions prescribed by the District. An air quality impact analysis was conducted pursuant to District Rules 20.2. Results indicate that the operation of this emergency standby diesel engine will not result in violation of any State or Federal ambient air quality standard nor interfere with the attainment or maintenance of any State or Federal ambient air quality standard.
The Air Quality Impact Analysis is available for review at the Air Pollution Control District, 9150 Chesapeake Drive, San Diego, CA 92123. Please refer to Application No. 982896 on all correspondence regarding this project. Written comments concerning the DistrictÕs proposed action may be submitted for a period of 30 days commencing August 30, 2005 and ending on September 28, 2005. Questions regarding this notice may by directed to Evariste Haury at (858) 650-4609 or Dan Speer at (858) 650-4607
Questions regarding this notice may be directed to Evariste Haury at (858) 650-4609.
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The County of San Diego, Owner, invites sealed bids for HARBISON CANYON ROAD PRECAST BOX CULVERT, (RFB 937). Sealed bids will be received at the Office of Purchasing and Contracting, Lobby Front Desk, County Operations Center, 5555 Overland Avenue, Suite 1111 (Bldg 11), San Diego, California, 92123-2149, until 2:00 p.m. on September 14, 2005, at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud.
Work to be Done consists in general of installing a 58-foot long, double 2-foot high by 4-foot wide precast reinforced concrete box culvert under Harbison Canyon Road and upstream and downstream channel improvements. The precast concrete box culvert will be furnished by the Owner. The project includes earthwork, constructing concrete wingwalls, parapet walls, cutoff walls, retaining walls, debris nose, apron and sill, placing rock slope protection, turf reinforcement mat, asphalt concrete and aggregate base, constructing and reconstructing wood and chain link fence, implementing water pollution control measures, traffic striping and traffic control. The project is located in the vicinity of Harbison Canyon. The cost of construction is estimated to be from $350,000 to $385,000. The Contractor shall possess, at the time the Contract is awarded, a California contractor's license, Classification A, General Engineering Contractor. Contract Documents, including reduced Plans only, Specifications and Proposal Forms, may be examined or purchased for the sum of $20.00 (including tax) per set at the County of San Diego, Department of Purchasing and Contracting, Cashier, Building 11 (MS O32), County Operations Center, 5555 Overland Avenue, Suite 1111, San Diego, CA 92123-1249. Full-size plans (10 sheets) may be obtained at the Department of Purchasing and Contracting, referenced above, at an additional cost of $5.00 per set (including tax). Only complete sets of full-size plans will be sold. Make checks payable to County of San Diego; no refund will be made. Mail service is available only to those prospective bidders outside a 30 mile radius of the County Operations Center and at an additional cost of $5.00 per set of documents and $5.00 per set of full-size plans. For mail service, contact cashier at (858) 694-2150. NOTE: CONTRACT DOCUMENTS WILL BE AVAILABLE TH AUG 25 AFTER 1PM. CONTACT CASHIER TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY. Full-size plans will not be sent to full-size plan holders when plans are revised and issued as addenda unless re-ordered. Only revised reduced plans will be issued as necessary with addenda. Full-size plans will contain only the revisions made to the plans at the time of issuance. Soils reports are not available for this project. Cross sections are not available for this project. Bid security of no less than 10% is required at time of bid. Payment and Performance Bonds: successful bidder shall provide Payment and Performance Bonds for 100% of the contract amount. Prevailing Wage rates apply. Complete bid information, including EngineerÕs estimate of the work, planholders lists and any addenda, will be made available at the County of San Diego Purchasing and Contracting website at
Contact Roberta Lamp Procurement Contracting Officer at 858-694-2160, (e-mail County of San Diego Department of Purchasing and Contracting, 5555Overland Avenue, Building 11, San Diego, CA 92123.
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700 County of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Tuesday August 30, 2005

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