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County of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Friday August 08, 2008

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Historic Site Board (HSB) of the County of San Diego will conduct a public hearing.
Date: August 18, 2008
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Department of Planning and Land Use Hearing Room, 5201 Ruffin Road, Suite B, San Diego, California 92123
The following ACTION items have been placed on the August 18, 2008 agenda.
930 Orchard Lane, Santa Ysabel, CA 92070
Supervisor District: 2 - Dianne Jacob
Description: Construction of the James Hubbell's Ilan-Lael compound began in the early 1960s and consists of eight buildings that serve as a single family residence and artist studio. Ilan-Lael is primarily significant for its association with award-winning and internationally acclaimed artist, James Hubbell, and for its distinctive characteristics of a type, period and method of construction which include organic, nature-inspired forms that have become Hubbell's trademark. The buildings are composed of various materials including stone, stucco, glass, tile, shell, brick, plaster, bronze, and other metals. Most of the buildings have been rehabilitated as a result of the damage resulting from the 2003 cedar fire. The applicant is requesting that this resource, be found significant under item V (b2) of the Local Register that the resource is associated with the life of a person important to the history of San Diego County (James Hubbell); and item V (b3) of the Local Register that identifies a resource as significant if it embodies the distinctive characteristics of a type or period, San Diego region, the “Hubbell style” variant of Modern Organic architecture.
1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego CA 92101
Description: The FAA is requesting to mount a small antenna on the County Administration Office (CAO) building on Pacific Highway. The Clerk of the Board and the CAO facility manager has approved the placement of the antenna. The proposed design has been reviewed by Project Management. The project will provide the FAA with the capability of monitoring in bound aircraft to Lindbergh field to a higher level of safety. The project falls under the CEQA categorical exemption 15301. However, The CAO is listed on the National Register. Antennas are not considered consistent with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for such buildings. The County of San Diego Real Estate Services would like a recommendation from the County's Historic Site Board as to whether the County can install the antenna, while remaining in compliance with either SHPO or Secretary of the Interior Standards for historic buildings.
The following Presentation has been placed on the agenda:
Presentation- DPLU now has a Public Affairs Officer, Gig Conaughton, who will give a brief overview of his new role. He will also discuss ways to spread the word about historic preservation to the public.
GENERAL INFORMATION: This public hearing is accessible to individuals with disabilities. If interpreter services for the hearing impaired are needed, please call the hearing staff liaison at (858) 694-3003 or California Relay Service, if notifying by TDD, no later than seven days prior to the date of the hearing.
NOTE: The Historic Site Board function is to act as an advisory body to both the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors. Decisions made by the Historic Site Board are in the form of a recommendation and are not the final decision. An opportunity will be provided for you to speak at this hearing regarding any of the above items.
Pub. August 8-00045422


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the County of San Diego is circulating for public review a draft Environmental Impact Report in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act for the following project. This draft Environmental Impact Report and attached reports can be reviewed at the Department of General Services (DGS), 5555 Overland Avenue, Suite 2207, Building 2 Room 220, San Diego, California 92123 and at the public library listed below. Comments on this draft Environmental Impact Report must be sent to the DGS address listed above and should reference the project numbers and name.
MH7992; SCH NO. 2007121022; EDGEMOOR FACILITY DEMOLITION. The project proposes the demolition and removal of 26 historical structures. The project is on County-owned land located within the City of Santee, specifically at 9065 Edgemoor Drive. The buildings proposed for demolition are associated with the Edgemoor Geriatric Hospital and surrounding area. Demolition and removal of the structures will take up to 180 days. No subsequent development is proposed on the site at this time. The project will require a demolition permit from the County of San Diego and a hauling permit from the City of Santee. The draft Environmental Impact Report identified significant environmental impacts to biological resources, cultural resources, and hazards/hazardous materials. Comments on this proposed draft Environmental Impact Report must be received no later than Monday, September 22nd at 4:00 p.m. (a 45-day public review period). This draft Environmental Impact Report can also be reviewed at the Santee Library, located at 9225 Carlton Hills Blvd., Santee, CA 92071. For additional information, please contact Dahvia Lynch at (858) 694-2047 or by e-mail at
Pub. August 8-00045396

County of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Friday August 08, 2008

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