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504 Notice of Public Sale
PUBLISHED: Friday September 02, 2005

Take notice that in accordance with the provisions of Civil Code ¤1988 (b), the following described articles of Personal property will be sold at competitive bid sale on September 14, 2005 at 11:00 a.m. at 5030 Park West Avenue, San Diego, CA 92117 : washer/dryer, microwave oven, chairs, tables, printer, televisions, lamps, bookcases, stools, sofas, CD tower, kitchen work table on rollers, side table glass top, ,wicker night stand, regular night stand, dressers, speakers, lamps, coffee table, plant stand, silk plants, other miscellaneous tables, pictures, workout bench, bench seat, portable spa condition unknown, cover, pots/pans, clothing, shoes, blankets, sheets, mattresses, bed frames, old computer, keyboard poor condition, computer cases, fax machine, VHS tape machine, monitors, DVD player, CD player, stereo receive, office desk, and other miscellaneous personal property. The last known owners of the personal property were Ken Jones aka Kenneth Jones and/or Lee Koch, who formerly resided at 530 Park West Avenue, San Diego, CA 92117
Pub. Sept 2,9-d530481

Notice is hereby given by the undersigned that a public lien sale in accordance with the provisions of Section 21700 et seq of the Business & Professional Code of the State of California of the following described personal property will be held at the hour of 9:30 A.M. on the 9th day of September 2005 on the premises where said property has been stored and which is located at A-AMERICAN SELF STORAGE, 4455 Federal Blvd., San Diego, City of San Diego, County of San Diego, State of CA. 92102.
Unit # - Name- Description
B2100 Charles Tim Maynard-Couch, TV, 20+ boxes B3066 Christine Riley-4 boxes, dresser, clothes B3438 Peter Dobbs-8+boxes, 4 suitcases, TV B3522 Valerie Sykes-12+boxes, dresserC1085 Antonio D. Butler-2 baskets C3134 Jhunabeth Sario-24+boxes C3186 Twila Williams-9+boxes, floor buffer D1013 Twila Williams-Couch, 9+boxes, refrig.
B1109 Marissa M. Iman-Clothes, Couch B2082 Antonette Wilson-10+boxes, clothes B2105 Mae Della Hayes-2 TV's, 11+ boxes, 2 dressers B3056 Socorro Aparicio-bike, toys B3116 Joe Vincent-4 boxes, table, 3 chairs B3266 Marta R. Godinez-table, sofa, 2 boxes B3436 Carol Berry-Grider-12+boxes, 3 tubs B3524 Jeffrey Belton-Couch, loveseat, table B3536 Marissa M. Manzano-4 boxes, MW, dresser B3592 Jason Karas-dresser,rug
B3605 Karen Bildenstein-dresser, TV, 9+boxes BA126 Toronda Smith-Clothes, 2 duffle bags BA294 Will A. Short-tools, boxes, bike BD132 Toya M. Walker-3 tubs, 7+boxes, 2 duffle bags, C1014 John E. Warren-50+ boxes, bike, 3 tubs C2135 Shalease Jarman-3 boxes, bike, 2 tubs C3156 Issac Hill- 19+boxes, tv, bike A1008 Sandra Ransom-Clothes, dresser B1097 Alfredia Gwyn-Couch, 10+boxes B1112 Frances East-w&d, 10+boxes, table B3430 Iris Bowlay-20+boxes B3494 Inez R. Smith- TV, 2 chairs, 11+boxes B3566 Socorro Castorena-clothes, dresser, 2 speakers BA133 Ramona Gomez-7 chairs, 6+boxes, dresser C1092 Ni-ashia Whiteside-Bike, dresser, clothes C2056 Marc McCain-Bike, dresser, clothes C2122 Shawna Cruz-3 bikes, camping gear, clothes C3188 Channel A. Herd-Long-Pool table, 10+boxes, 3 bags C3218 Dashawn Dew-Couch, 5 boxes, TV D3012 Hector Manuel Virgin-Table, crib C2053 Jennifer Kelly-8+boxes, clothes
B2142 Diane McKenney-3 boxes, sofa
Auction Conducted by A-American
Storage Management Co., Inc.
Bond #72BSBBU5400
Pub.Aug 26, Sept 2-d530361

Notice is hereby given by the undersigned that a public lien sale in accordance with the provisions of Section 21700 et seq. of the Business & Professions Code of the State of California of the following described personal property will be held at the hour of 2:00 p.m., on the 8th day of SEPTEMBER, 2005, on the premises where said property has been stored and which is located at A-AMERICAN SELF STORAGE 1151 Greenfield Dr., El Cajon, CA 92021, County of San Diego, State of CA .
A21- Kristy Lindsley- 8 boxes Office Fridge, Tool Box. C142-Marc Luck- TV 5 Boxes 3 Tool Boxes. C157- Shedrick Scurlock- 8 boxes Chairs Sofa set, TV, Dresser. D207- William Chambers- 14+Boxes Gurney Wheelchair. D278-Knoxie Brown- small scooter cat condo bookshelf TV stand. 2A303- Bridgette Lewis- 30 Boxes Computer Desk 2 Fish Tanks Sofa Bookshelf. 2A338- M. Diane Myers- 6 Plast. Cont. 30CDS- Vacuum Wood Rocker. 2A353- Janice Pyles- 8 Plast. Bags 4 Boxes Rug. 2B376- Kimberly S. Gardner-Babauta Misc, Clothes Boxes 1 Plastic bag. 2C434- Shanon McGervey- Misc. Clothes 1Plast. container Plastic bags. 2C454- William Leist- Electric Blower 8 Boxes 3 tool chests 7 Plast. Cont. Rolltop Desk. 2D534- Mary Raymond- Metal Rack Suitcase 8Boxes Clothes Bkshelf. 2D536-Bobby N. Tinner- Lvng Rm Set 20 Boxes. 2D542- Tina Campos -Lvng Rm Set Table 6 Boxes. 2D566- Cindy Galindo- Area rug 7 Milk Crates 5 Plast. Cont. 2B411-Anita Ortiz -TV Nightstand 2 boxes misc. clothes.
Auction conducted by A-American
Storage Management Co., Inc.
Bond #72BSBBU5400
Dated: May 18, 2004
Sign: Dulce Lopez
Pub. Aug 26, Sept 2-d530341

In accordance with the provisions of the California Uniform Commercial Code, there being due and unpaid storage for which BMS Holdings, LLC is entitled to a lien as warehouseman on the goods hereinafter described and due notice having been given to parties known to claim an interest of such charges having expired, notice is hereby given that these goods will be sold at public auction at H & M Goodies Family Auction, 130 E. 8th St., National City, County of San Diego, State of California, on the 14th day of September, 2005 at 5:00pm, The auction may be rescheduled if needed, due to weather or time, by an announcement of the auctioneer.
The following is a brief description of the property to be sold: Household goods, business and office property or equipment as listed in the inventory sheets for the following:
Name of Owner Lot Number
Mims, Chris 0046-17929-7
Nazarian, Javid 917-181806
Montgomery, Linda 917-22175
Lewis, Deanna 917-21042
Pub. August 26,Sept 2-d530381


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned intends to sell
the personal property described below to enforce a lien imposed on said property pursuant to Sections 21700-21716 of the Business & Professions Code, and Provisions of the Civil Code.
The undersigned will sell at public sale by competitive bidding on September 21, 2005 at 9:00 A.M. on the premises where said propertyhas been stored and which are located at San Dieguito Self-Storage, 860 Regal Road, Encinitas, County of San Diego, California, (760) 436-2338, the following generally described goods but not limited to the following : athletic equipment, misc. household goods, personal items, furniture, office equipment supplies, appliances.
These goods are the liened property of the following tenantsÕ units:
Bruno, Tom
Ferrell, Terri L.
Garibello, Maurice
Hernandez, Kirsten
Lamp, Jeff
Marx, Beverly
Pinner, Steven W.
Rainbows To Go
Schwartz, Pam
Schwartz, Pam
Schwartz, Chris

Stickelmaier, Richard N.
Vasquez, Art
Purchases must be paid for at the time of purchase in cashonly. All purchased items sold as is where is and must be removedat the time of sale. Sale subject to cancellation in the event of settlement between owner and obligated party. Call ahead to make sure sale is still scheduled.
West Coast Auctions
Bond #137857
Pub. September 2,9-d530474

Notice of Sale
of Abandoned
Personal Property
Notice is given that pursuant to sections 21701-21715 of the Business and Professions Code, Sections 2328 of the Commercial Code, Sections 535 of the Penal Code, Secure Self Storage of Old Town 4835 Pacific Highway San Diego, CA 92110 will sell by competitive bidding on SEPTEMBER 15, 2005@ 8:30 a.m. Auction to be held at above address, Property to be sold as follows: misc, household goods, personal items, furniture, and clothing belonging to the following:
West Coast Auctions
State License No. 137857
Pub. September 2, 9 -d530157

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Sections 21700-21716 of Business and Professions Code, Section 2328 of the UCC, Section 353 of the Penal Code and provisions of the Civil Code of the State of California that the undersigned, Sorrento Mesa Self Storage LLC located at 6690 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA92121 will sell at public auction at H&M Goodies (619)474-8296, 130E. 8th Street, National City, California, bond #GA715482601, on September 14, 2005, 5:30 P.M. the following described property:
Unit # Name General Description

C2-736 Jerry Reed -General Household & Clothes
Said sale is for the purpose of satisfying lien for unpaid storage fees together with costs of advertising and expenses of sale.
Pub. Sept 2, 9-d530477

504 Notice of Public Sale
PUBLISHED: Friday September 02, 2005

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