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SD Comm. College District
PUBLISHED: Thursday September 28, 2006

San Diego Community College District

Subject to conditions prescribed by the San Diego Community College District, responses to the District's prequalification documents for construction contracts are sought from contractors for the District's Proposition “S” Construction Bond Program.
PREQUALIFICATION OF PROSPECTIVE BIDDERS: The District has determined that contractors, who wish to submit bids on projects within this Program, must be prequalified on an annual basis.
LICENSE: Contractors applying for pre-qualification must have an “A” or “B” license issued by the California Contractors State License Board.
GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The District's Proposition “S” Construction Bond Program includes some seventy-construction projects that provide for upgrades and new construction on the District's various campuses.
PROCEDURES: A set of pre-qualification documents (questionnaire) will be issued to all contractors that attend the Mandatory Pre-Qualification Conference on October 5, 2006.
Mandatory Pre-Qualification Conference: A mandatory Pre-qualification Conference will be conducted on the date indicated below beginning promptly at the time indicated. Contractors must participate in the Conference in its entirety in order to be allowed to submit Prequalification Documents and, if pre-qualification is achieved, bid on projects within the Program. Participants must arrive at or before the time indicated. Persons arriving later than the time indicated will not be allowed to participate in the conference. Participants shall meet at the location indicated below. For further information, contact the Program Manager at (619) 515-5108.

10/05/06 1:00 PM Parsons
110 West “A” Street, Suite 1050
San Diego, CA 92101

NOTE: Bidders are advised that parking may be difficult. Bidders should allow ample time to drive to the above location in heavy traffic, find a parking space, walk to the building, and arrive in the designated Meeting Room prior to the required time. It is currently anticipated that the Conference will last approximately 1 hour.

The Program Manager will receive completed pre-qualification documents at the following address on or before October 19, 2006.
Attn: James I. Clark, P.E.
110 West “A” Street, Suite 1050
San Diego, CA 92101

Or alternately, documents may be returned on or before October 19, 2006 at the following address:
Parsons (Attn: James I. Clark, P.E.)
c/o Facilities Department
San Diego Community College District
3375 Camino del Rio South, Suite #310
San Diego, CA 92108-3883
NOTE: Oral, telephonic, facsimile, telegraphic or electronic qualification documents are invalid and will not be accepted.
No pre-qualification documents will be accepted after 10/19/06
. However, the District reserves the right to request, receive, and evaluate supplemental information after the above date in its sole discretion.
Contractors will be notified whether or not they are prequalified. Prequalified contractors will be notified of the date of availability for bidding documents on the various projects.
PREQUALIFICATION CRITERIA: Prequalification of prospective contractors will be determined by the application of a pre-established qualifying system.
The District will be operating a labor compliance program on the Proposition “S” Projects. Contractor must comply with all the applicable provisions of the District's Labor Compliance Program while accomplishing any work on the construction program.
Evaluation: The evaluation is solely for the purpose of determining, in a timely manner, contractors who are deemed qualified for successful performance of the type of work included in this Program. The contracts will be awarded to the prequalified contractors submitting the lowest responsive and responsible bids.
District's Reservation of Rights: The District reserves the right to reject any or all responses to Prequalification Questionnaires and any or all bids and to waive non-material irregularities in any response or bid received.
Contractor's License: Contractor must be licensed by the California Contractors State License Board to apply for pre-qualification. Regardless of license presented for pre-qualification, contractor's license must be current and of the proper classification, at the time of bid, for each project being bid by the contractor.
Confidentiality: All information submitted for prequalification evaluation will be considered official information acquired in confidence, and the District will maintain its confidentiality to the extent permitted by law.
Pub. Sept. 25,26,27,28,29-00013290

SD Comm. College District
PUBLISHED: Thursday September 28, 2006

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