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Port of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Wednesday September 06, 2006

San Diego Unified Port District
For the San Diego Unified Port District
National City Aquatic Center and Port Master Plan Amendment
in the Planning District 5: National City Bayfront

A draft Port Master Plan amendment has been prepared indicating proposed additions and deletions of text to the Port Master Plan to facilitate the development of an aquatic center.

Aquatic Center
The National City Community Development Commission (CDC) proposes to develop an Aquatic Center on property to be leased from the San Diego Unified Port District (Port District) and operated by the South Bay Family YMCA. The project site is located within the City of National City, San Diego County, California on State tidelands under the jurisdiction of the Port District's Port Master Plan (PMP). The site is on the north side of the Sweetwater Flood Control Channel, east of the Pepper Park boat launch ramp and west of the National City Marina at 32nd Street and Marina Way. The project entails demolition of existing public restrooms, drinking fountain, public pay phone, trees, turf, and concrete walkways. There are no in-water demolition or construction activities proposed. The proposed project entails construction of 1) a 4,700 square foot aquatic center facility, pavement and landscape improvements 2) demolition and/or removal of existing temporary buildings, re-striping and modifications to the existing parking lot, and 3) relocation of the demolished public restrooms and payphones.

Port Master Plan Amendment
The proposed plan amendment will add descriptive text to the Interpretive Section of the Port Master Plan providing water dependent educational and recreational programming and facilities into the land use designation of Park/Plaza and Commercial Recreation; adding descriptive text to include plans for the Aquatic Center in the Launching Ramp Subarea 58 paragraph of the Planning District: National City Bayfront Precise Plan section of the Port Master Plan; and adding the Aquatic Center project description to the Table 15: Project List and deleting completed or obsolete projects.

The amendment will be considered for adoption, with or without modification, by the Board of Port Commissioners following a public hearing to be held at the Port District Administration Building, 3165 Pacific Highway, San Diego, California. The hearing is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 10, 2006. Additional hearing dates, if required, will be announced at the public hearing.

The public, interested organizations, and government agencies are encouraged to submit testimony, statements, and evidence relative to the plan amendments at the public hearing or in written form prior to the hearing. Written information should be submitted by October 6, 2006, to the attention of the District Clerk, San Diego Unified Port District, P.O. Box 120488, San Diego, California 92112-0488. Copies of the draft plan amendment are available for public review at the Land Use Planning Department, Port District Administration Building, 3165 Pacific Highway, San Diego, California, or upon request by interested persons. Questions may be directed to Bill Briggs, Senior Redevelopment Planner, (619) 686-6284.
Pub. Sept. 6-00012324

Port of San Diego
PUBLISHED: Wednesday September 06, 2006

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