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Close-Up: Conrad Prebys

Prebys builds business, philanthropy legacy from the ground up

When Conrad Prebys came to San Diego in 1965 he had $500 to his name. Today, he owns 7,000 apartments in San Diego and has become one of the most generous philanthropists the region has known.

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Gina Minervini 2:11pm February 19, 2013

i am very impressed by Mr Prebys philanthropy and teary of life. I am the creator, producer, director in the process of creating a new program for PBS on The Art of Tango. I am based in Santa Monica and visit San Diego often. Does Mr Prebys have a foundation where i can submit a proposal for possible sponsorship. The fact that he is a supporter of music and performance leaves me very hopeful. "Nothing is impossible" - I love that Regards, Gina Minervini

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