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July 31, 2013

The Daily Transcript is pleased to present the 2013 print edition of the San Diego SourceBook.

This publication is a dynamic resource filled with valuable data and information about viable San Diego County market segments. As always, you will also find lists of San Diego County businesses, broken down by industry and ranked by key criterion.

Perhaps the most important feature of SourceBook 2013 is how the publication reflects the resources found on The Daily Transcript's website. Due to space constraints, the print version of the SourceBook provides only a limited amount of information and serves best as an index, guide and teaser to the full resource available online.

The San Diego Source -- located at sddt.com -- provides expanded and updated data on the businesses listed on these pages, including our latest news stories about them including any video reports done by our reporters. Additionally, there are many more categories of companies on line as well as more companies in each category. In addition, it includes key representatives of many industries not listed in these pages. Perhaps most importantly, each online list is downloadable in spreadsheet format providing valuable research and sales leads in useable format to our subscribers.

The Source is also your gateway to local stories published in our daily business newspaper, breaking news and other useful information, such as stock market activity and calendar listings of events.

The San Diego SourceBook 2013 is an important resource tool for businesses -- one of many The Daily Transcript is dedicated to providing to the community. By purchasing a subscription to the print and electronic editions, not only will you receive our daily news and stock market information, but also full access to The Daily Transcript's detailed business data. Full information is available online at sddt.com/subscribe, or from our circulation department at 619-232-4381.

--Robert Loomis

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