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Five tips for making your holiday party more memorable

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Many are tasked with or volunteer to plan their company's holiday party because they want to avoid the same boring event as last year, but they don't know where to go for ideas and inspiration.

Kapow Events, Chicago's premier marketplace for company events, offers advice on the five key things people can do to make their holiday party more memorable.

“So many companies do the same thing every year for their holiday party and it starts to get stale for employees,” said Marc Halpin, CEO and co-founder of Kapow Events. “Kapow Events has worked with the city's corporate elite on employee and client entertainment events so we put together the following tips for how to avoid throwing another boring holiday party this year.”

*Add a theatrical element, such as an Elvis impersonator or chef food presentation. Everyone has been to a cocktail party, but have they hung out with Elvis while sipping Sauvignon?

*Hand out personalized mementos to remind people of the event. Fun ideas such as branded Legos, candy mix named after employees, or custom-labeled wines.

*Integrate social media tools into the event. One idea is to have an Instagram feed of real-time photos taken at the event displayed on a screen during the event. The only thing people like more than reminiscing about a good time is seeing their pictures.

*Have a theme to help people get more involved and integrating with each other in the evening. Some suggestions are a casino night, murder mystery theme, or a photo booth with dress-up costumes tied to the theme of the evening.

*Integrate the food and drinks into your party. For example, consider having make-your-own guacamole, sushi or cocktail stations.

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