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'Checked Out!' Experimental Music Festival comes to Central Library

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In collaboration with Stay Strange, the San Diego Public Library will host the second Checked Out! An Experimental Music Festival to be held Saturday, Aug. 16, from 12 to 6 p.m. in the Auditorium and Garden Courtyard at the San Diego Central Library. The event is free and open to the public.

"Experimental" and "noise" music possess a key yet marginal place within our shared sociocultural sphere: posing little commercial value but limitless creative potential, experimental music defies facile ideas about pop culture's ability to integrate and commodify radical (non)forms into acceptable consumable material goods. As such, what is deemed "experimental" inhabits that rare impossible space where the perennial meets the avant garde, where performance trumps recording, and the live show remains paramount in the realm of the musical.

While many music venues such as bars and cafes can be socially exclusive or just ‘unsafe' for many members of the public, the public library's role as a cultural convener makes it the perfect platform for "experimental" music, where the focus can be maintained on the content as sonic errancy, and not as mere background "noise." Experimental music defies categorization, demands attention, and sparks the imagination, demonstrating the fact that absolutely anyone, anywhere, can express themselves through music.

Checked Out! 2014 presents the following lineup:

* DIE MIßBILDUNGEN DES MENSCHEN: An Audio/Visual exploration of the deformities of the human.

* BOBBY BRAY: Guitarist/vocalist for the post prog-skronk, space-Tropicalia, math-lounge duo Innerds as well as the Sci-Fi post-hardcore outfit The Locust.

* MONOCHROMACY: Ominous and ambient. Meditation music for the end times.

* FARO: Experimental bass & transcendental voice.

* NO KNOW (Sound Band): Andrew Bracken and Sean Francis Conway's unknowing sound band/ approach is well known:/walk thin lines,/reject ideas that thinking thoughts think,/proceed to create a sound sound.

* SCOTT PAULSON: Award-winning soundscape artist and performer.

* NO FANCY: Spontaneously transforms electricity and air into fields of drone and noise in the hopes that they might feel many things.

In addition, there will be an ages eight and above noisemaking workshop presented by SCOTT NIELSEN and BOBBY BRAY, and A "Photosynthesis Fiesta/Chloroplast Cave" Art Tent + art show by Jason Rogalski and his students; and Visuals by !ZeuqsaV! with live scoring by starvelab!

Learn about other events at the San Diego Public Library's Central Library and 35 branch libraries, find links to numerous additional resources, or search for materials in the Library's online catalog at www.sandiegolibrary.org.

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