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Consider the portfolio of a company that has been constructing for 60-plus years, working on major complexes that it has the privilege of renovating and enhancing as facilities live out their life expectancy; and the lessons learned from that colorful history.

"That's the life of Kitchell — we have worked on health care projects, major retail and hospitality destinations, not to mention university and public facilities — that we're able to help evolve because we had the fortune of working on them when they were originally built," said Kitchell Senior Vice President Dick Crowley.

Kitchell's portfolio of "lessons learned" in San Diego is expanding as it constructs the largest hospital project in Southern California – UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center. The project has opened new opportunities for the company to apply lessons learned and best practices, especially with the complexity of working under OSHPD guidelines.

Dick Crowley, senior VP.

"Over the years we've worked on a vast array of health care facilities," Crowley said. "But the methodical, collaborative approach on this project is unlike any we've experienced, and has given us a window into the future of not just health care building, but commercial building as a whole."

The integrated project delivery method incorporates a high performance team that's indisputably dedicated to collaboration and open dialogue, and committed day in and day out to bring the project to fruition.

"It offers tremendous benefits when working in an OSHPD environment," Crowley said.

The team has become so immersed in the integrated approach that it's evidenced throughout the job — a 6,000-square-foot complex of job trailers was specifically assembled to house the project team, designers, subcontractors and even inspectors all under one roof. "The Big Room" collaboration that happens with the shared space in this complex is unprecedented and has resulted in fewer conflicts, more resolutions, with obvious resource savings for the project.

UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center under construction.

"Having subcontractors and inspectors share the same space? It's unheard of," Crowley said.

Just the process of onboarding the subcontractor for the curtain wall involved a methodical approach in bringing together the top glaziers in the country, rallying their support and excitement for the project and picking not just the right subcontractor for the job, but also the right fit for the team.

"I hate to compare it to ‘drinking the Kool-Aid,' but fostering buy-in from all of our project partners — from the guy operating the crane to the engineer designing the central plant — is making a big difference in the project schedule and making sure things are done right the first time," Crowley said.

With the project recently celebrating its topping out, Kitchell celebrates a milestone and considers how it will take the lessons from this project and apply it to other projects — health care and beyond.

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