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Echo Pacific Construction Inc.

Doing what we do best allows us to do what matters most

About a decade ago, Echo Pacific Construction Inc. took itself through a significant corporate shift. The first part was to completely redirect the business focus from dollars earned to clients satisfied. The idea was, in fact, to not just satisfy our clients, but to leave them with the sense that the value they received in the process of capital improvements could only have been achieved with Echo Pacific at their side. Our thinking is that if we overperform at all possible levels for our clients, the natural by–product would be increased earnings and sustainability in the market, in essence the dollars would take care of themselves. Second- and perhaps the most important part of the shift was to instill and constantly reinforce a mindset of philanthropy and civic responsibility.

When you’ve decided to share your treasure, you want to know it’s going to make a difference; we like to get as close to dollar-for-dollar impact. The last thing you want to have happen is for 60 percent of your gifts to go to the administrative costs of an organization.

When considering philanthropic choices for Echo Pacific, we try to keep as local as possible. So often we search the globe for the right places to stand in the gap only to find it is right here under our noses, many times on our own streets and in our neighborhood schools.

Many would say the toughest part of giving away hard-earned dollars is the initial decision to part with them in the first place, as a company we do not believe that is the case.

“I am a very blessed man. I have an incredible family, I have assembled the finest group of people in the industry, all of whom I am truly humbled to have the chance to lead. I love my job, I live in the greatest country on Earth, and I have all I could ever want,” said Chris Rowe, owner and president of Echo Pacific. “So, to me, the hard part is where to focus your efforts to make the most impact on someone’s life.”

While we are very involved with some great organizations, it’s the one-on-one stuff that really brings it home. At Echo Pacific, we know there is so much required of all of us to give back to the wonderful communities we are blessed to live in.

-Submitted by Echo Pacific.

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