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Project Concern International

Making a difference on a global scale

Project Concern International has been saving lives since 1961, working in the most vulnerable communities around the globe. What we've learned is that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to ending global poverty.

In our 60 programs in 16 countries, our work ranges from eradicating polio in a district in India, HIV treatment and prevention in Botswana, to early disaster warning systems in Indonesia. We go where the need is greatest, and we customize our approach each and every time. But what remains consistent is our belief that the people we serve are actually the answer, they can lift themselves out of poverty if they have access to the tools and resources they need. Their lives, and the lives of generations to come, will only change if they own the solutions themselves. Each of our programs center around the support and resources of local organizations that can carry on the work long after we're done.

Founded by a compassionate doctor more than 50 years ago, Project Concern International’s programs have stretched from Hong Kong to the Appalachians. Our headquarters are in San Diego with an office in Washington, D.C., and we have 600 staff in 16 country offices that serve more than 6.3 million people each year. Our programs can be put into broad categories of health, nutrition, disaster relief, and economic empowerment with our village savings and loan training called Women Empowered.

The exciting part for all of us at PCI is that we have seen real transformation in the people and communities we serve. We’ve seen orphans saved and sent to college; we’ve seen babies live and become youth that can attend school instead of working for food and water every day; we’ve seen patterns of abuse and neglect of women reversed, and the growth of women leaders in their families and villages. And we’ve seen governments embrace our programs and change their entire health care systems to incorporate PCI’s approach.

Won’t you join us? If you want to really make a difference to those in need, if you want to know that these people aren’t just nameless participants but that you can meet them, meet their children, hear their stories. It will give you hope that real change is possible, and your life will change along with theirs.

Please contact Chris Lee at (858) 279-9690 for more information or visit our site at pciglobal.org .

-Project Concern International.

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