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Meissner Jacquét: More than 21 years of service

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Taking time to reflect on the progression of technology allows for the appreciation of the way it has transformed the modern-day workplace. Gone are the days of the crank-dial telephone, the typewriter and the bulky desktop computer. Instead, we turn to our smart devices, our smartphone, our tablet, and now our smartwatch, to inform us when, where and how we must accomplish our tasks. The evolution of smart products allows for improved efficiencies and an all-around better way of doing business.

Specifically focusing on how smart technology has affected commercial property management, it is easy to perceive the beneficial changes in the most simplest of illustrations. Take for an example a routine property walk, the property manager would take pen to paper to note deficiencies during the inspection, wait until they returned to the office to transcribe the notes via email, then wait for a response from the vendor, which could take a week from start to finish.

Fast forward to today, property managers are now able to utilize their smartphones and tablets to take photos during property walks and instantly send photos identifying any issues to vendors who can immediately take action. The ability to complete what was once a time-consuming task is now streamlined using seemingly magical technology.

Yet magic is not perfect, and even our smart devices can fail in performance. This is where the human factor is paramount. Meissner Jacquét’s professional commercial property managers ensure that follow-up steps are taken to assure communication between manager, vendor and owner is seamless. Such as smart technology has taken decades to achieve peak functioning, so has Meissner Jacquét’s skilled commercial real estate team refined its skills in order to deliver premium commercial real estate services.

For over 21 years Meissner Jacquét has been successfully managing the business of commercial real estate by being a leader in the commercial property management industry. We continue to adapt to the cyclical nature of the commercial real estate environment in order to provide quantifiable, bottom line results. Meissner Jacquét provides commercial real estate services to office, retail, industrial, multifamily, and commercial owners association properties throughout Southern California and Arizona.

To learn more about Meissner Jacquét’s services, please contact Allison MacDonald at 858-373-1354 or AllisonM@meissnerjacquet.com.

-Submitted by Danielle D’Andrea, Meissner Jacquét.

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