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Jerry Jacquét

Founder, Meissner Jacquét Investment Management Services

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The watchword at Meissner Jacquét Investment Management Services is teamwork.

“We sought out individuals who could communicate effectively with their peers and with clients, and establish logical processes to arrive at collaborative decisions,” said Jerry Jacquét, principal in charge at Meissner Jacquét, the firm he founded in 1992 with fellow leasing agent Timothy P. Meissner.

“They are service-oriented people. They have to be able to take their experience and have a backbone,” Jacquét said. “That’s why we’re successful -- not because the client said this and they said ‘OK.’ If you have people with backbone, they’re going to say, ‘There’s a better way.’”

Meissner Jacquét, whose corporate office is located on Carroll Canyon Road, employs 35 people and manages 10.5 million square feet of office, industrial, retail and multifamily property space in three states.

Unlike many firms that are interested most in leasing, “We’re a true property and asset management company,” Jacquét said. “Through Tim’s [Meissner] forethought, planning and leading the company, Meissner Jacquét has established itself as a true group of professionals providing a much needed service to our industry.”

Jacquét said the company proactively seeks out its clients, those with Class A and B real estate assets, full-time professional ownership and institutional quality standards. “We won’t just manage anything,” he said. “We don’t spread ourselves thin to the general public, because we want to develop long-term strategic relationships with our clients. We’re looking for people where this is their business.”

Besides looking after its clients, Meissner Jacquét is committed to the personal growth of its employees, in everything from daily business to keeping fit, “all contributing to a well-rounded and content team member.” There’s also an advisory committee of employees, which supports the values and mission statement of the company, that Jacquét said facilitates effective communication and ensures that everyone is “totally empowered.”

“We’re trying to create a culture where people want to be here.”

Already in business more than 20 years, Meissner Jacquét is looking toward the next 25 years. Jacquét said consultants are in the process of helping the firm establish the framework for its long-term growth.

“We are continuing to refine and define our business platform to provide our clients with the most up-to-date professional accounting and property management software available,” he said, “and to provide our professional staff with continuing education based on real estate principles, communication skills and personal growth.”

Jacquét is excited about the opportunities he believes will present themselves in 2014. “I think a great number of transactions will occur, allowing for new ownership and new business plans to be realized,” he said.

Jacquét attributes his optimism to the increase in jobs, which he says has provided an overall greater tenant confidence in the real estate industry, and to business growth.

“The tenants’ confidence is allowing for new office space to be absorbed and [for] expansions and renewals to take place.”

-Coddon is a San Diego-based freelance writer.

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