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Dynalectric San Diego

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For Dynalectric San Diego, a leading Southern California electrical contractor that’s part of EMCOR Group’s family of companies, safety is more than just a department — it’s a mindset. The Dynalectric commitment to safety is a culture ingrained in its people — one that compels them to make the right decisions on a daily basis. But safety is not just something to aspire to for Dynalectric. It’s an outcome, a product — the direct result of what happens when employees are properly trained to make safe decisions regardless of the circumstances.

As a company that’s progressive about safety, the goal isn’t to have fewer accidents — it’s not to have any at all. “At Dynalectric, and across the entire EMCOR organization, we are passionate about the safety of our workers,” said President and CEO Philip Petersen. “We have made a commitment to the goal of achieving zero accidents so they may return home safely everyday.”

But don’t just take Peterson’s word for it. One look at Dynalectric’s comprehensive list of safety awards over the past decade proves that its diligent commitment to safety is working. The company has been given first place in the Safety Excellence Awards presented by the San Diego Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America in the Specialty Division (300,000 to 700,000 work hours) for 10 years in a row. In 2012, Dynalectric also won the Subcontractor of the Year Award from the American Subcontractors Association, the National Electrical Contractors Association Safety Excellence Award, the NECA Zero Injury Award, and the NAVFAC Southwest ROICC Miramar STAR Contractor Safety Award. And to top off an already impressive list of achievements, the AGC awarded Dynalectric the National Safety Excellence Award in 2013.

Dynalectric's commitment to safety is carefully crafted. It’s part of a multitiered, integrated approach that includes EMCOR’s Zero Accidents program, as well as a host of other supporting ingenuities, such as the Be There for Life program — a safety program structured around nine initiatives for achieving zero injuries. EMCOR also conducts regional "Target Zero" safety conferences, bringing together industry experts from its operating companies and partners to share information and successful strategies.

Both Dynalectric and EMCOR’s efforts are designed to educate employees and their families about the importance of safety. In 2013 the new Be Vigilant safety campaign was launched. Workplace posters, company newsletters, direct and digital mailings and other creative tactics are used to distribute important safety information to employees. The message “Be Vigilant” means you never know where danger lurks -- and to always utilize safe work practices -- is a consistent one.

As always, this education and the resulting success, begins at the top, and Petersen’s steady enthusiasm serves as a catalyst for Dynalectric’s achievements in safety. “We are extremely proud of our industry -- leading safety record. But with safety, we can never be satisfied or complacent. Our efforts on behalf of our employees will remain a key focus, and we will always strive for continuous improvement."

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