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You deserve a fresh start on your legal education

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Sometimes the first year of law school takes students by surprise. They were successful in college and expected success in law school.

Well, it is possible to continue to pursue your dream of being an attorney, because San Francisco Law School, and our branch campus San Diego Law School, Alliant International University, offer students a second chance for a legal education. Our dedicated faculty and affordable tuition make a restart of your legal education a viable option. You do not have to give up your dream. Take advantage of a fresh start at our California accredited law school through two ways.

One option is to take the California First Year Law Students’ Examination (FYLSE) -- also called the “Baby Bar.” Students who take and pass the Baby Bar may receive credit for contracts, torts and criminal law, despite disqualification from their previous law school. Passing the Baby Bar allows a student to advance directly to the second year of our legal program at San Francisco Law School.

As attorney Andy Dai experienced, “I applied to San Francisco Law School just before I took the Baby Bar. When I passed, I went into the second year. The program at San Francisco Law School was exactly what I needed with the talented faculty and lots of personal attention. After I graduated, I passed the California Bar on the first try and am now a practicing as an attorney in San Francisco! I am forever grateful that I did not give up.”

As a second option, a student merely fills out the California State Bar form, Starting First Year Law Studies Over Certificate, while applying to San Francisco Law School or San Diego Law School. Under this option, a student’s first year of law school is discarded, and the student is allowed a “fresh start” at their legal education. The small classes and extra attention to writing skills are just what many students need to be successful. You deserve a second chance.

Contact Kevin Gamp, admin@sfls.edu or call (415) 626-5550.

-Submitted by San Diego Law School

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