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Why 2015 is the year of cloud-based construction software

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As business and production costs continue to rise and competition escalates, adapting to new technology will no longer be a benefit, but a necessity. With the overwhelming adoption of cloud-based software and mobile solutions, the increase of technology implementation throughout 2015 will be no surprise, including those industries considered “slow” to tech -- most notoriously, construction.

Cloud-based construction software dramatically increases project communication, collaboration, and organization by giving entire teams constant access to up-to-date project information stored within a single repository. Construction software like Procore increases project efficiency and accountability by streamlining communication and centralizing documentation in order to minimize risk and delays -- ultimately boosting profits.

Better collaboration

Outdated technology and disparate software solutions used for project communications and collaboration wreak havoc on project productivity and profitability. Today, many construction professionals are still clinging to old fashioned project management processes like paper-based drawings, Excel spreadsheets, and virtual private networks (VPNs). This generates a huge gap between project teams, shattering collaboration and costing the industry over hundreds of thousands of dollars in IT costs and project delays.

This management process lacks standardization and automation, most drastically between the job site where actual construction takes place and the office where management and direction comes from. Teams are days behind schedule because they’re still trying to get sign-off on key submittals, an RFI response, or the most recent set of drawing plans. Communications are overwhelming and project schedules are delayed due to a lack of accurate and timely delivery of project information.

But with a cloud-based construction software like Procore, companies will no longer have to waste precious hours and dollars revising, reprinting and redistributing paper-based documentation. With Procore, teams have around-the-clock accessibility to accurate data with the power to easily and securely deliver real time, up-to-date project information. As companies begin to accept the opportunities afforded by cloud-based construction software, the need for outdated -- even redundant -- software products will vanish.

Make confident, informed decisions

Cloud-based construction software houses all project information — from customer, vendor, and employee contact information to real time project data, like drawings, contracts, daily logs, RFIs, submittals, and more. This centralization and synchronization of data not only provides your team with access to pertinent project information, but also project analytics. This gives all stakeholders a big picture view of every aspect of construction operations and project management, all from one centralized repository. This allows field and office staff to make faster, more informed and confident decisions, based on accurate data, rather than intuition.

Every time a change is made, all members of the team are informed and up to date with the latest information. With cloud-based construction software, these communications can be tracked and archived for all team members to review at any time. The entire change history across all iterations as well as documentation of who made those changes is also tracked, increasing accountability. Cloud-based software also allows project managers to track if anyone has failed to view the most recent set of plans, further enforcing all users to be on the same page and schedule.

This kind of tracking provides owners with unrivaled insight into the progress and health of every project in their portfolio every step of the way. This transparency also doubles as a risk-avoidance tool by providing 24/7 visibility into project health for all in charge to see. They are able to take a step back and analyze the project’s performance as a whole and help identify risks before they become issues that impact the overall success of the project, as well as future projects to come.

Increased mobility

With a cloud-based construction software solution in place, no longer are teams chained to their physical location. Mobile technologies mean that the workplace is no longer a physical location, but a device-- a device that goes anywhere they go. Mobile solutions offered by cloud-based construction software untether individuals from their offices and computers by allowing them to access project information from anywhere at any time with their mobile devices.

The constant accessibility provided by cloud-based construction software gives project teams access to any and all project information whenever they need it. Whether in the office, at home, or in the field, the mobility of cloud-based platforms puts real time project data at the fingertips of the entire team -- data is never more than a click or swipe away.

Many software solutions also require a constant Internet connection in order to run, but due to the growing number of remote job sites, this isn’t realistic any longer. Procore is accessible offline, allowing users to access their data in the most remote areas. Rather than team members having to leave the field and drive to the office to enter updates, they can input details of their work and costs onsite, saving both man-hours and travel costs. All users can seamlessly get work done without an Internet connection and then have it automatically synced once back online.

Accurate, up-to-date project information, securely delivered to all project team members on any Internet-connected device––that’s the promise, and the reality, of today’s cloud-based construction software. As 2015 approaches, consider the benefits of mobile technologies like Procore. Procore offers solutions to increase transparency, communication and collaboration and will predictably save time, cut costs, and allow you to be more efficient and profitable as a whole.

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