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Q&A for hosting a charter yacht holiday party

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It’s November and the holidays are right around the corner. It’s still not too late to plan your best event ever! You need only look to San Diego Bay for your party planning inspiration. Host your holiday party on a luxury charter yacht for a fabulous and unique experience that is guaranteed to “wow” your guests. Have some questions about hosting a party on a charter yacht? With over 34 years experience, Hornblower Cruises & Events specializes in unforgettable, flawless events on the water. Here our professional event planners answer the most frequently asked questions:

Are the prices similar for an event on a yacht as they are for a hotel or restaurant?

Prices will be slightly higher than a “land based” party due to things like fuel, a Captain and crew. As you can imagine the overall experience is so unique and memorable that party planners write them off as entertainment expenses.

Why pay more to charter a yacht when you could rent ballroom space at a hotel?

There is just something special about having your own private event space on the water. With 360-degree views of one of California’s most beautiful waterways, your guests will be treated to glorious views of bridges, naval ships, sea life, million dollar yachts and coastal estates from the rails of a yacht. With the smell of the salty fresh air and the dedicated service of Hornblower’s excellent staff, your guests will feel pampered and relaxed, a euphoria that can’t be achieved in other venues.

What is the average price for a 3-hour event with dinner?

With a gorgeous sunset and sparkling San Diego skyline views, a 3-hour seated dinner cruise starts at $125 per guest. Hornblower also offers a variety of holiday party packages to meet your budget or scheduling parameters, including cocktail and lunch cruises.

What is better, a buffet or plated menu for dinner?

It’s up to you and how you’d like your guests to interact. If you’d like your guests to mix and mingle the entire event, a heavy buffet is perfect. Guests can graze and change seating to maximize conversation opportunities. If you all know each other well, a plated menu for dinner is great for a relaxing, luxurious evening.

Can we bring our own food?

Hornblower prides itself as being a first-class restaurant, which just happens to be on the water. As a full service caterer, Hornblower’s award-winning chefs are experts in food service on their boats, especially in the unique sized galleys on board. They will prepare delectable delights the day of your event with fresh, seasonal and local ingredients specially tailored for your holiday party.

We have guests on special diets, such as Vegan and Gluten Free. Can you accommodate them?

Yes, we can. Our chefs comply with these requests on a day-to-day basis, from our everyday public dinner cruises to all our special events.

What if the weather is poor on my event date?

All Hornblower yachts are enclosed and climate controlled, so chillier temperatures and rain are of no concern. To ensure safety, however, high winds will cause a cancellation.

Will my guests experience any motion or seasickness?

The most motion you will actually feel is when the boat is docked. After that, it is smooth sailing on the very calm San Diego Bay.

We are a small company, not enough to charter an entire boat. Is it possible to have a section for our party on one of your public dinner cruises?

Of course! Several of our multi-level yachts feature private dining areas on each floor with the ability to accommodate more than one party onboard at the same time.

For answers to any additional questions or to book your Hornblower Cruises & Events holiday party, call 800-ONTHEBAY or visit: www.hornblower.com/port/category/sd+DecHolidayEvents

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