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A few words with Voit San Diego’s managing director, Eric Northbrook

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What was it about the Voit platform that interested you in taking a leadership position with the company?

Eric: I was impressed with Bob Voit’s passion for his people and their families. Bob is on a first-name basis with everyone and the culture of family resonates throughout the company. I wanted to be part of a family instead of being a number. This platform also gives me a lot of autonomy to make decisions, as well as gives me an opportunity to make a difference.

Managing a brokerage operation is a lot different than being a broker. What will you have to do to adapt to your new role?

Eric: After having been a broker for 25 years, leading people is a role in which I am very comfortable; however, I am adapting to the sheer number of people on my team on a daily basis.

You were a successful broker for many years. How will that help you help others to be successful?

Eric: I see my role as being more of a mentor and coach than as a manager in the conventional sense. I want to share my experiences and help others learn from them. To do that effectively, I must develop strong relationships by working alongside the brokers and staying involved on a daily basis, rather than simply reviewing periodic progress and production reports. My success as a broker came from leading a team dedicated to delivering superior service and I intend to continue in that vein. I'll just be playing a different role on the team.

As you begin your new career as a managing director, what is your biggest challenge?

Eric: Managing my time is my biggest challenge. Now that I am in the position, I have a new appreciation for the managing director role in our business. There are so many things that I’d like to accomplish, but for the moment, my priority is to build strong relationships with my team. At the same time, I need to connect with the community to help build the Voit brand as a leading service provider.

What are your goals for the office?

Eric: Simply put, I want Voit to be known as the premier commercial real estate services provider in the San Diego market. To achieve that, I need to make sure that we have the best people armed with the best resources in each service line, including industrial, retail, office, investments and property management.

What tools and resources will you need to marshal to make Voit a top competitor?

Eric: Voit already has the best platform of tools and resources I've ever seen. The investment Bob has made on behalf of the brokers in terms of facilities, information and human resources is truly amazing. For me, it's more about getting the most out of what we already have. My focus will be on introducing our powerful platform to other professionals who will benefit from joining the firm and to potential clients looking for a higher level of service.

You have had to face some huge personal challenges in your life? How will that figure into how you approach this new position?

Eric: Our industry has many ups and downs and my team members face adversity every single day. I am coaching my team to handle this adversity, and how to use it to thrive within their business and personal lives.

-Submitted by Voit Real Estate Services.

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