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davisREED construction’s partnering philosophy

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Often our industry will place a title on a procedure or a concept that to many may be new, but to others such as davisREED has been a proven process for years -- we merely practiced it without a title. In the late ‘70s, the catch words “construction management” became popular. And soon enough, seminars nationwide addressed the negotiated, fast-track process during which the contractor is involved in the development of a project from the conception to the end in lieu of the traditional bid process. But it was not a new process, only the naming was new.

From davisREED’s beginning, we have always relied on a mixture of traditional bid awards and negotiated contracts in which we provide preconstruction services for the opportunity to ultimately construct the job. The contracts we pursue with private owners have provided financial and personal rewards to davisREED and our clients through the success of our partnering philosophy.

We have fostered working relationships among our owners, architects, consultants, and subcontractors designed to support our mutual goals. The new catch word for this long-standing davisREED practice is now titled Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). While many publications and seminars have enlightened our industry on IPD, the following highlights the importance of partnering in all contractual relationships.

The best contractual relationship is one in which the contract is placed in a file the day it is executed, and no one has to refer to the contract agreement ever again. Each partner in the contract fulfils their performance and payment obligations and in return receives their right to timely payment or delivery. Partnering tries to avoid resorting to legal solutions. Instead, it relies on the will and ability of the construction manager and other team members to manage change and issues on their projects. davisREED’s partnering philosophy is designed to encourage candid communication and prompt resolution of issues among team members by documenting solutions rather than problems.

Partnering is the most successful way davisREED has found in unifying the fragmented nature of a project. Because the success of each part depends on the performance of others, partnering requires the cooperation of everyone and the investment of time and resources of each party.

-Submitted by davisREED.

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