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Benefits of the design-build and design-assist delivery methods

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Every construction project starts with a vision and ends with a finished and improved product. What separates one project from another is the process of how the owner, designers and contractor interact with one another to achieve a common goal. The stage for the overall “process” and experience is set at the onset of the project when the owner decides which project delivery method will be implemented.

The traditional method of design-bid-build (or competitive bid) is commonly thought to be the most efficient delivery method for a project as the scopes and stages are rigidly defined. However, there are innate challenges directly associated with this method that need to be considered when planning a project.

While the competitive bid process produces low bids initially, the true cost of the project is not determined until the project is complete. From receipt of the initial bids until the project is complete, the Owner is at risk for any deficiencies in the design documents. This fragmented approach can also cause more finger-pointing between the project team since the contractor was not involved during the design, budget and/or planning processes.

Due to these challenges, public and private owners are turning more frequently to the design-build, or design-assist, delivery method. Streamlining project delivery between the owner and the project team transforms the relationship into an alliance, fostering collaboration and teamwork.

Under these methodologies, the team is formed at the onset of the project and works together to produce a complete set of construction documents. Constructability and budget are tested continually during the design process by all members of the project team. This leads to true “value engineering” in lieu of scope reduction, as well as appropriate constructability and cost-savings ideas.

The end result of the design-build or design-assist delivery method is that by establishing a fully integrated project team at the beginning of the project, the team works to successfully complete a project faster, more cost effectively and with fewer change orders, therein, providing a better overall process and experience for the owner.

The construction professionals at Dempsey Construction are experienced and specialize in both design-build and design-assist project delivery methods.

-Submitted by Dempsey Construction.

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