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Hiring an owner's construction manager helps ensure a successful project

Professional project management, or owner's representatives, are an often overlooked profession in the construction industry. While owners are familiar with the conventional roles of architects, engineers, and contractors, some are unaware that there are professionals providing services who solely represent owners in their construction projects. Without professional project management, owners are often left to manage the project themselves where they may not have the technical background or staff to effectively manage the project or they simply hope their architect, engineer, or contractor will "work it out" to their benefit.

Owners project management firms deliver a wide variety of skillsets to the project, stepping into the shoes of the owner, and managing the project in their interests from concept to occupancy. Full-service project management firms that also offer specialty construction consulting services provide extended technical services and breadth of experience that will bring added value to a wide variety of owners.

San Diego based KCM Group, a construction project management and specialty consulting firm, was founded in 2000 for the purpose of providing owners both project management and a variety of specialty consulting services. The company's founder and Principal, Gordon Kovtun, stated that the variety of services and project types has attracted diverse clients from across the construction spectrum.

KCM Group founder and principal Gordon Kovtun (right) and Erika Horn, senior environmental compliance manager.

"We have always focused our resources on a multidisciplinary philosophy of services so, although our client base is primarily project owners, we find ourselves serving a number of sectors including land developers, heavy infrastructure, affordable housing, charter schools, non-profits, Native American government and gaming projects , hospitality, commercial developers, and high end custom estates," said Kovtun. "Our focus has been to deliver high level expertise to each stage of the construction process throughout pre-construction and construction phase services regardless of the type of project ."

KCM group has been very adept at pairing its services with the needs of any particular client based on the client's construction experience or staffing levels. Kovtun continues, "We have clients who have never been through the process before and need a more full service presence involving complete representation. While the client is still involved, we work closely with them to provide the proper strategic and tactical services to navigate and manage the process. On the other hand, we serve a number of institutional clients who may have a knowledgeable leadership base but require extra professional staff. KCM Group provides that staff extension and integrates with their resources to provide our technical expertise in collaboration with their resource capabilities."

Citing some market uncertainty, some institutional owners are reluctant to add to full time staff for specialty services or a specific project. One such example of how KCM Group provides valuable staff extension resources is in their Environmental Compliance Program Management. "KCM Group's environmental compliance experts diligently keep clients in compliance with the ever changing onerous state and local regulations that can expose developers large and small, including homeowners, to a complex set of administrative and regulatory requirements. Developers who are not in compliance face significant fines and potential delays if the project is shutdown. KCM Group provides environmental services on an as-needed basis to clients such that a full time staff member is not required adding value and keeping clients in compliance saving time, money, and avoiding punitive regulatory intervention," Kovtun stated. This team effect has paid off in some very long standing relationships which date back to the formation of the company some 15 years ago.

With the assistance of an owner's project manager, the owner can be assured that their best interests are being represented.

KCM Group has offices in San Diego and Las Vegas, and serves Southern California and Nevada with a diverse team of construction professional offering a wide range of services.

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