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Marie Jebavy, The Real Estate Consultants

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Marie Jebavy

When it comes to being knowledgeable about real estate and having the utmost regard for customer service, Marie Jebavy sets the bar. She is an owner, broker and Realtor for The Real Estate Consultants. She covers all of North County with heavy involvement in Oceanside, where she resides.

"As you can tell, Oceanside is my favorite city," Jebavy said. "It is just an absolute diamond in the rough."

Jebavy's interest in real estate sparked in 1987 when she began working toward obtaining her license. A Wisconsin native, she wanted to break into real estate, but was deterred by the low pricing and extreme weather. Jebavy set her sights on a city with more potential — San Diego.

She gained experience in the real estate markets working for places including Heritage Realty, Prudential and Coldwell Baker. She spent several years learning the business and managing real estate offices. In 2004, she decided to open her own office, The Real Estate Consultants.

"I wanted to do it for myself," she said of her desire to take initiative.

In the years leading up to this point, Jebavy had lost her husband as well as a close broker friend to cancer.

"There are things and people that matter in our lives, and things that don't," she said of her experience. She was ready do things her way.

Real Estate Consultants employs 14 agents and manages 87 properties. The firm is planning on a slight expansion to a maximum of about 125 to 150 properties.

"We don't want to be huge. We want to make sure clients are really well taken care of," Jebavy said.

Client satisfaction is what is most important to her. She doesn't want to expand beyond a point where she and her daughter, Jessi, can handle it.

"Between my daughter and me, we can handle it," she said. "If we got bigger than that I'd have to hire and then I'd have to count on people treating my clients the way I want them to be treated, and that doesn't always work."

When clients call Jebavy's office they know they are going to speak to her or her daughter.

"The only people they are talking to is either me or Jessi. There is no other person they are talking to. It makes them feel very comfortable. Some people who have transferred from other companies will say, ‘Oh, we never know who we're going to talk to'. My clients always know," she said.

Jebavy's dedication to her work and her clients is unparalleled. She is always going to be personally involved. She builds a certain level of trust with clients as they work closely with her.

Jebavy holds many certifications and is involved in several organizations and local government. She is a certified real estate appraiser and registered property manager. She is director of the North San Diego Association of Realtors (she was the president in 2014), Region 29 Assistant Chairwoman for California Association of Realtors, and California Association of Realtors Director. She also won the "Realtor Award of Excellence" in 2003.

She emphasizes the importance of staying involved in the community.

"The more you get involved, the more you learn and what you perceive changes," she explained. "You learn about how things really work."

She attends City Council meetings to provide input where she can.

"That's what getting involved is about, as a Realtor, is to help city leaders make good decisions when it comes to real estate," she said.

Once a semester she donates her time as a guest speaker to a group of students taught by her friend, Kevin Burke. She says she really enjoys teaching.

At the end of the day, Jebavy doesn't have a whole lot of free time. And the time she does have she likes to spend with her family.

"All my extra time goes to my two daughters, four grandchildren (ages 4, 8, 10 and 16), and two really great son-in-laws," she said.

3760 Mission Avenue, Suite 102 | Oceanside, Ca 92058 | (760) 405-9050 | www.thereconsultants.com


By Jamie Miller, Special to The Daily Transcript

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