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Many people are unaware that we are in the midst of the biggest transfer of money and power in the history of the United States. For the past 60-plus years, the electric utility industry has been monopolized by very few companies operating in very large service territories with a captured client base. That model is changing rapidly.

Now, private citizens, municipalities and industries can choose different options for their electricity requirements, something that was unheard of in the past. The IOU’s who were once thought of as invincible and powerful have now been regulated to allow entrance into their tightly controlled marketplace.

These new regulatory requirements are opening up opportunities for new players in the electric utility marketplace. From a technical and economic standpoint solar coupled with battery storage is a very viable option. The benefits of a combined solar and battery storage system can truly bring an electricity user closer to Net Zero. With a solar and battery storage combined solution an end user with high-demand charges can see those costs virtually disappear from their utility bills.

The two technologies together are able to work in harmony and offset demand spikes, as well as the majority of the building’s electricity needs. The result is an efficient building that requires less reliance on the local utility and saves the client money. At Baker Electric we have installed such systems and are seeing the results every day, regardless if the sun is shining or not.

Although utility rebates are drying up there are still rebates available and financing vehicles for battery storage. The typical payback on a commercial solar project is between six to nine years. When you add a battery storage component to the same project the payback in many cases goes as low as three years.

As a consumer who has the capability to affect the end economics of your utility bill it makes sense to take a look at battery storage. You will find it truly gets you closer to Net Zero, as well as making your project more economically viable.

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-Submitted by Christopher Chappell, Baker Electric.

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