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Is mediation right for you? Garwood Family Law & Mediation helps you decide

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Many couples considering divorce are drawn to mediation as an alternative to traditional litigation. Julia Garwood, a 2015 Top Attorney in Family Law, believes that mediation is the way of the future for progressive divorcing couples.

Mediation allows you to work toward a mutually cooperative agreement; addressing all the same issues brought up in litigation including visitation, child and spousal support, custody, property division and debt. However, with an experienced family law mediator like Julia Garwood, issues are resolved in an environment that is supportive and constructive, rather than potentially destructive.

Garwood Family Law & Mediation’s process avoids the conflict of “you vs. me” because the divorce agreement is worked out and mutually agreed upon by both spouses. Our mediation process works well for intelligent, solution-oriented individuals and takes the decision-making out of a judge’s hands, and more directly into yours. The agreements reached by the parties are incorporated into the divorce judgment and become Orders of the Court.

Julia Garwood, a Certified Family Law Attorney and Mediator, has been working in the field of family law in San Diego for more than 30 years. Her focus on high-asset cases leverages her skilled knowledge and expertise in mediation and collaborative family law, as well as child custody, child support and spousal support.

As a Certified Family Law Specialist, Garwood has met the rigorous standards set by the California State Bar. She is also a former adjunct professor at a local law school, and an acting settlement judge and mediator. Seeing the case through the eyes of a judge, she says, helps her plan cases to achieve the best possible results for her clients. She is also chairwoman of the Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee of the San Diego Family Law Bar Association. If the case cannot be mediated or settled, Garwood is known as being an excellent litigator and defender of her client’s rights.

The Garwood Family Law & Mediation legal team also includes attorneys Janiffer Pearce and Casey Reeves. Pearce’s 20 years of family law experience are leveraged through her extensive litigation expertise in the areas of divorce, child custody, support, paternity, domestic violence and division of community property. Pearce also provides valuable mediation services, having successfully assisted many families in reaching comprehensive resolutions. Throughout her years of practice, Pearce has served as a family court mandatory settlement panelist and been appointed by the court to act as a Settlement Master in high-conflict cases. Reeves brings extensive experience in civil business litigation, evidence and discovery to the firm. While Reeves’ business litigation experience strengthens the firm’s already solid prowess in this arena, he is also a shrewd negotiator when it comes to mediating a divorce case.

If you’re thinking about mediation or litigation, call us to strategize and obtain assistance. Whether an agreeable, uncontested divorce or a difficult, contested divorce with child custody, we work to obtain a successful outcome for our clients. We proudly consider our firm as “Your Advocate For A New Life.” GarwoodFamilyLaw.com or (619) 692-8100.

-Submitted by Garwood Family Law & Mediation.

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