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Spectrum Property Management: San Diego's No. 1 independent company

"Managing properties as if they were our own." It's our way of doing business, and we take it seriously, since it is the primary reason Spectrum Property Management is San Diego's No. 1 independent company.

As a full-service, professional property management company, Spectrum's managers are dedicated to the attitude of personal care for all of our clients' properties and tenants.

Through the firm's comprehensive package of automated property services we are committed to management excellence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whatever it takes, we are there until the job is completed to everyone's satisfaction.

The primary goal of the recently appointed director of real estate is to ensure that all managers are properly trained as well as equipped to achieve every goal set forth by our clients. We take pride in quickly establishing and maintaining a smooth, day-to-day operations plan for each of Spectrum's properties, which includes assisting with special projects within our portfolio. In addition, the director provides an extra set of "eyes" to review property budgets, financial statements and year-end tenant reconciliations.

We specialize in those unique projects that pose the greatest challenges. For example, Spectrum is currently assisting a client with achieving the highest and "best use" for an existing mixed-use project in La Jolla. After careful, strategic planning, we decided to coordinate the renovation of the center while the existing tenants remained open for business. This was accomplished while at the same time thoroughly evaluating and implementing the best plan for maximizing the property's long-term investment value for its unique mix of retail, office and residential tenants.

Spectrum's managers are constantly reviewing property maintenance services and capital budgets to maximize savings by minimizing operations costs.

Timing plays a key role in keeping expenses to a minimum by taking advantage of "bundling" services to achieve even greater savings and is particularly useful in managing our large property portfolios. It is a way of receiving economies of scale from our contractors and vendors that produces savings we pass on to our clients and tenants.

Spectrum's master blanket insurance program, which is designed to save our clients over 50 percent in costs when compared to other property insurance programs, is a good example of bundling services to increase savings.

Providing personal attention for every property allows Spectrum's managers to identify and handle potential problems before they occur through close interaction with the tenants. This promotes goodwill and results in long-term mutually beneficial leases.

In today's fast-paced, electronic business environment, we don't want to lose touch with the human element. It creates trust, which holds our business relationships together. Both our clients and tenants appreciate Spectrum's hands-on managers and the genuine interest they take in their success.

Every day at Spectrum we renew the commitment to manage properties as if they were our own to attain one goal for our clients, the long-term enhancement of property values.

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