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Athena celebrates first scholarship winner's graduation

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Erin Scott

UCSD Athena is proud of its first scholarship winner, Erin Scott (1999 winner), who graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in molecular and cell biology, with an emphasis in genetics. "In the last few months, I concentrated heavily on my independent research project. I then presented this research at the Molecular and Cell Biology Department Undergraduate Honors Research Symposium. Also, during this time, I attended graduate school interviews with five different schools. I was lucky enough to be accepted to all of them. After some deliberation, I decided on UCSD as the place I want to get my Ph.D. I am very excited and can't wait to begin developing my doctoral project. I started working in a UCSD lab during the summer of 2003, and have spent my first year in this program rotating through several different labs, both on campus and at the Salk Institute. I have been named to the NIH Cell and Molecular Genetics training grant. I expect to spend the next five years working on my Ph.D. in yeast genetics. I would like to thank Athena for providing financial support to me when I started college in 1999."

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