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Exametric Ali Kiran President & CEO

An internationally recognized authority in industrial and systems engineering, Ali Kiran already had 20 years of entrepreneurial and consulting experience when he founded Exametric. As president (an office he still holds) of Kiran Consulting Group (KCG) he had served Fortune 500 companies in the areas of financial services, manufacturing and consumer services. It was when a Top 10 bank held a structured competition to solve their staff forecasting needs that Exametric had its genesis. KCG designed an analytical software called Click2Staff in response to the challenge. Incorporating sophisticated, recently developed scientific formulae and algorithms patented by KCG, Click2Staff outperformed all competitors by 30 percent and was chosen to be deployed at the bank. Later, the bank executed what was at the time the largest bank merger in U.S. history and requested another round of product evaluations. From among the hundreds of systems evaluated by a Big 5 consulting firm, Click2Staff was found to be the superior solution. With Click2Staff as its core, Kiran established Exametric to provide superior customer-focused forecasting and staffing solutions to the financial services industry. Within a 90-day period the framework for the spinout was complete, and a contract was signed with the initial customer. Exametric has consistently won clients by being able to rapidly develop and demonstrate software solutions in difficult technical circumstances, under near-impossible time constraints. Execution and excellence are only valuable, however, when they coexist with integrity and trust, which have been set as core values of the company. Since its inception, Exametric has signed more than a dozen major financial institutions, including two of the top five banks in the country. Click2Staff is currently used for forecasting and/or staffing in more than 10,000 branches. In less than three years, Exametric has become the dominant player in its field, winning more deals in 2003 than any other competitor. In 2004, the company expects to close additional customers in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

ID Analytics Bruce Hansen Chairman & CEO

Bringing almost two decades of experience in leading companies in the financial services and analytic software markets, Bruce Hansen co-founded ID Analytics in March 2002. In just two years the company has achieved tremendous growth and success and become one of the most talked-about firms in the industry. The basis for ID Analytics' product suite is an advanced pattern recognition technology called Graph Theoretic Anomaly Detection (GTAD), which applies sophisticated analytics to dynamically detect unusual patterns based on identity information. GTAD is deployed against the ID Network, the nation's only real-time dynamic fraud prevention network, to find patterns of identity fraud. GTAD is used by dozens of financial services firms, including five of the top 10 credit card issuers in the United States, and by some of the nations' largest wireless, online instant-credit and retail-card companies. The platform is projected to process 100 million credit applications in 2004. ID Analytics' highly respected ID Score product line is modeled from identity patterns derived not only from GTAD and the steady stream of valid consumer applications, but in combination with thousands of known frauds, newly discovered and well-recognized fraudulent behavior patterns and other third party data sources. ID Scores are generated in real time from these patterns, enabling clients to continually evaluate identity risk, from the prospect stage through the entire customer lifecycle. The presence of a panoramic view of how an identity behaves across companies and industries, coupled with pattern analysis technologies, provides a powerful tool against the identity crimes that have flourished in recent years. ID Analytics helps catch thousands of frauds and save millions of dollars in real time while protecting valued customers. In August of 2003, ID Analytics was voted one of the top 10 Technology Companies To Watch by Bank Technology News and in September 2003, ID Analytics was named Most Outstanding Emerging Growth Company by the San Diego chapter of the American Electronics Association.

MUSICMATCH Dennis Mudd Chairman & CEO

Dennis Mudd is a technology and digital entertainment industry veteran who helped define the digital music revolution. Mudd did his master's thesis on the idea of distributing digital music over coaxial cable networks, and was so excited by the concept he wrote a business plan to support it. In February of 1997 he gave life to his vision and founded Musicmatch Inc. In April of 1998 he introduced the first MP3 jukebox software program. Musicmatch has taken a much different approach to music subscription plans than competing, label-backed services. Rather than offering a finite number of downloads/streams per month, Musicmatch MX delivers personalized content from all major music labels and unlimited access to the number of songs played. Musicmatch has developed a unique, patent-pending technology that maps people's listening behavior to other users and draws correlations between songs, artists, era, genre and so on. By offering more music for the money and the easiest way for people to choose the music they want to hear, Musicmatch MX has resonated with music lovers worldwide and has proven to be an online music service consumers are willing to pay for. This approach has helped make Musicmatch Jukebox the favorite media player of Wall Street Journal's Walter Mossberg and USA Today. Musicmatch Jukebox has won PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award for best audio software four years in a row. Last year marked the fifth year in a row that Musicmatch Jukebox beat out all competition to emerge as the No. 1 selling music software in the personal productivity, music category. And in a milestone arrangement with Intel, Musicmatch Jukebox will now ship with future Intel desktop motherboards. Musicmatch's success on the Internet has been equally impressive. In February of 2004 Nielsen/Net announced Musicmatch was among the top 10 most-used online applications, with nearly nine times more users than Apple iTunes. With a 32 percent increase in market share over the past six months, Musicmatch has achieved its all time market share high.

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