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The advantages of smallness

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Small is beautiful. Advantages gained in a small care environment are simply unmatched in a large facility setting. The clients of The Park at Mount Helix do not live in "home-like" settings. Rather, they live in homes. Expansive residential homes have been outfitted for assisted living care, with additions such as ramps, grab bars, and safety alarms. The Park at Mount Helix consists of four such homes, all in the beautiful Mount Helix area of La Mesa. These facilities have large, enclosed yards, extensive views, and inviting gardens. Confusion is kept to a minimum in this setting. For clients with memory loss, the smaller number of other clients and the home-setting breeds familiarity. At any given home, the same handful of staff provide all the care, so clients have fewer faces to remember and caregivers get to know clients more intimately. A maximum of six residents lives at each home. Accordingly, the caregiver-to-resident ratio is one of the best in the industry, never exceeding 1:6 and frequently at 1:3. Unique staffing schedules minimize the number of caregivers clients interact with during any particular day. The small environment also allows for the administrators to be intimately involved in the daily operations. The Park at Mount Helix is family-owned and operated, with a wealth of assisted living experience in the management. Very professional administrators respond quickly to resident needs and changes. All residents at The Park at Mount Helix have some degree of physical or cognitive impairment. With four different homes, residents live with peers at similar functioning levels. This arrangement allows for effective and enjoyable activity programs. The Park at Mount Helix is an exquisite place to live. Excellence is the standard of service. Clients and their loved ones have been thoroughly satisfied with the unique care offered in the small facility environment, at The Park at Mount Helix. For further information visit www.TheParkatMountHelix.com or call (619) 660-1244.

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