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Enjoy your computer for your hobby and life

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Did you finally achieve the point in your life when you can do "what I want" not "what I should?" Have you found the things that bring you the deepest feelings of a fulfilled life and happiness? If yes, we believe that you are in the active living phase. If not, just forget about any boundaries and research new opportunities. In both cases modern information technology is your natural partner and helper. Computers and the internet, digital cameras and smart phones, software packages and PDAs are available to serve any kind of hobbies, making everyone's life more colorful, giving the opportunity to be proactive, creative and happy, if... ... your computer is nice and cooperates with you. If it's not - you need a mentor to help you to overcome the issues and to bring your computer system to normal and friendly behavior. ... your computer is secured from virus attacks and intrusions. If it's not - you need a mentor to set all the protective measures in place. ... you have enough knowledge and confidence using the programs that you need. If not you need a mentor to show you easy tips and explain some concepts, to answer your questions and to prove to you that you can do everything with your computer in a nice enjoyable manner. ... you have all the necessary tools and equipment and it is all is in sync, properly upgraded and protected. If not, you need a mentor to help you to make proper purchasing decisions, to install, setup and to learn how to operate with IT tools. Computer Moms, a unique San Diego company (where MOM stays for "Mentors On the Move") is a team of mentors who are expects in information technology, support and training. The entire team is dedicated to helping you eliminate difficulties and frustrations related with computer systems usage, and to raise your confidence and enjoyment in achieving your personal goals and dreams with the support of modern technology. In this company you will find responsive support, unique one-on-one training programs, and competent advisory, making your computing relaxing, creative and safe!

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